Friday, February 02, 2007

Bees and Bags of Garbage.

Please make sure to click this one, to enlarge the photo. These are behives. Looks like two to a pallet. The farmer here brought in about 50 or so hives. The tops are still wrapped in heavy black plastic to protect them from the cold. But even in winter, The sun must get it nice and hot under those wraps. There were thousands of bees buzzing in the air. I wasnt getting out of my van for a few hundred frustrated bees. And lacking a powerful Zoom lens, you will have to click on the picture to Enlarge it, in order to see the bees more easily.
Right across the street, this was this view. The Golden Ears Mountains. The pale biege winter grasses, flattened by the recent flooding and heavy snows.
And lo... what evil sits amongst the grasses?

Yesterday, On My City Daily Photo Blog was the theme "What annoys me about My City" Click on the red link to see said post.
However, following that post I was reminded of an equal or even greater qualm that I have with the city. YES! Those are garbage bags!. Some idiot dumped garbage here in this beauty spot. I guess it would be asking too much to drop it at the dumping station for a mere few bucks. One of my big pet peeves about this town, is the lack of municipal garbage collection. Which, if provided, would cut back on the amount of dumping that occurs here. We have to pay a contracted pick up service to take it away. Or take it ourselves to the garbage station. Needles to say, there are some residents of this municipality that cant afford to pay for these services. Or really just dont give a darn about Maple Ridge and its wildlife.

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ellen said...

I would have steered clear of those angry bees, too.

How disgusting, that people would dump their trash in a place of such natural beauty. I bet they can afford cigarettes and junk food.