Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A few more shots from our walk at Sasamat lake a few days back. So much has been heard in the news about the devestation caused by high winds in Stanley Park, The jewel of Vancouver. A huge park engulfed by the ocean , right in the thick of the city. Comparable to Central Park in New York (only even nicer).
We live inland, about an hour east of Vancouver. The forsests out this way have been heavily damaged by those same winds. A treck around Sasamat Lake in Anmore, north of Port Moody, revealed vast swaths of fallen timber. Mature, hemlocks and cedars snapped off their roots like toothpicks. Notice that many of those left standing are damaged. Bark scraped off their trunks as falling trees grazed their neighbours. In many places the trails were impassable, or required shimmying under fallen trunks.
I was in awe at the number of these wooden giants that had been toppled. The hurricane like winds had waged comlete havoc on this forest. In some places, it was apparent that as one tree fell into another, it caused almost a domino effect.

It will be a feat in itself to have these trails cleared in time for the tourist season. Only the true BC nut cases such as Deanna and myself get out into the forests at this time of year, but it was worth it to see the results of Mother Natures wrath up close, in person.
There will be many dollars to be made in the timber that can be salvaged. What lays deeper in the forest may just be let to rot. Look at all that firewood. They could do a sentimental fundraiser. Get your Sasamat Stump from the Big Storm Of 2007, makes a great coffee table base! Seriously though, it is a sad sight to see these old beauties blown down in their prime. The more I get out there, the more impressed I am by the force of nature.


Curtis said...

Ok right now none of your pictures are up so might be something on my end. I'll look again later. Yes we were watching the news and Stanley Park was a heartbreaker. Didn't look anything like it did 2 years ago when we went through it. Have a nice day. I like looking at your photos so I'll try again in a bit to see if they have come up

deni said...

I can't see the pics either, maybe it's blogger?

Susan said...

Curtis and Deni,
Dont know what happenned there, they just dissapeared. I just reloaded them. Must have been a blogger glitch. They were there last night!
Curtis, I am so glad you got a chance to visit Stanley Park. I am sorry we didnt meet you guys while you were out here, but I had only just started to read you at that time.Oh what a lost opportunity that was!

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