Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Commander Kayla.

Kayla was part of a wonderful fundraiser and even made it onto the news. I videoed the above clip off an Edmonton online news station. She is right at the end of this short clip. Her brother Nick is in the far right chair getting his head shaved.

Here is a note from her mom explaining about the days events....

February 20, 2007 at 12:30 AM MST
Hi there Everyone: Today, Monday, Feb. 19th, was "Family Day" in Alberta. So, we all went down to the RCMP - K Division and took part in the "Be a Mountie for the day!" It was a fundraiser for the Kids for Cancer Society! It was quite something! Remember I was telling you all that Kayla was going to receive a special surprise?! Well,...she was given a very special responsibility today. Kayla was the "Deputy Commissioner of the North West Region (4 provinces) & Commanding Officer of "K" Division for the day!!! She also got to swear in all the children who were mounties for the day! It was quite the honor and she was thrilled! The actual CO of the "K" division, William Sweeney, was in Ottawa. But, he was kind enough to make sure Kayla was presented with this beautiful plaque. It was beautifully framed and it said:

Deputy Commissioner North West Region

Certificate of Appreciation

Kayla St Cyr
is officially recognized

for her dedication, professionalism and tireless efforts in performing her duties as the Deputy Commissioner North West Region and Commanding Officer "K" Division for February 19th, 2007. Her outstanding contribution towards the fund raiser for Kids for Cancer is also recognized and appreciated. Signed by William Sweeney!!!!!

Kayla was crying and I was crying...lol I was just so proud of her! I will have to do another post to share Kayla's biography that was read while they were introducing her and telling her story. The really cool thing was that Kayla got to wear the CO's special tunic and his hat! She looked great! Pic's will be posted soon!

Then,...Kayla was interviewed by the media. CTV News interviewed her and she was on the 6pm news tonight. She was also on Global TV...at 6pm and 11pm! It was nice to see her smiling and speaking so confidently about her experience and her life! She was wonderful!

She was so lucky that she made it to this great event. Kayla ended up in hospital on the Friday night...she had a fever of 39.1 and she was in need of a blood transfusion. Kayla and I spent 6 hours in PEDS Emergency before we got a bed in 4E3 at the Stollery. It turned out that her blood work showed she was neutropenic...her white blood cell count was 0.3...I was just glad that the staff started her on antibiotics...and prayed that she would be well enough to attend the wonderful event!
Kayla, Chief Superintendant Rick Hanson, myself, Henry, John, & Norm were able to get a tour of the Commanding Officers personal office. Kayla was able to sit in his chair and we all took some pictures with her. Little John was thankfully sleeping in his buggy by then!...lol The rest of the kids were all at their different posts while we were all on tour!

Nick did get his hair shaved off! He looks great! We all cheered him on...especially Kayla! Lexie, Troy & myself got our haircuts...that was a lot of fun! The children received RCMP t-shirts and Kids for Cancer Society hats! We all managed to raise $11,000.00 dollars, this huge group of us, 35 kids with their families were registered and participated, for the Kids for Cancer Society...what a great effort on everyone's part!

It was quite a busy, fun-filled day! A wonderful way to celebrate time as a family...and to appreciate just how lucky we are to have each other! I can't begin to express my gratitude to God for giving my daughter a second chance at living. She was just shining today...her smile said it all!

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ellen said...

I'm glad Kayla was well enough to take part in this terrific event. Wonderful to get the families involved, and to build community among all the cancer kids there.

Monica said...

Awesome Kayla!!!

I'm not sure what 39.1 is for our temperature...I'm sure I can google it though. I do hope she's doing better.

Commander Kayla...has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Bobbie said...

A special day for a special girl!! I'm glad Kayla was well enough to enjoy it.

Vickie said...

A well deserved award---Commander a great title for such a beautiful young hero. It was great to see she was able to be there and take part in the activities after the recent hospital encounter she had. I hope she continues to improve and the hospital visits become less frequent. They all remain in my thoughts and prayers.