Saturday, January 27, 2007


Two years ago, on the 28th, our English Springer Spaniel, Binzen was born at Tanash Kennels (click on the VINNIE link to see Binny's daddy). We already had an old Springer cross breed, called Copper. He really was our Son Andrew's dog. When Copper was twelve, he developed the first signs of cancer. Andrew talked us into getting a puppy while Copper was still able to teach him all his doggy wisdom. When we brought Binny home, he looked so tiny beside Copper. We had to laugh though because Copper was frightened of this tiny fur ball at first.
Andrew spent alot of time with the dogs until Copper got used to having a second shadow. The first few nights, he slept with them on the floor, until Copper got used to having this extra presence around.
Soon Binny settled into our family and fell right into step with his larger counterpart. He was out on the dikes right away, at first, he would need some help on those long treks. Often he was in Keith's arms for the greater part of our walks.
Soon enough, he was keeping up and eventually would run circles around us and Copper. Coppers age was becoming more pronounced as we compared him to young Binny. It was becoming obvious to us that he was slowing down. Binzen was growing in leaps and bounds, literally. We got him into flyball and he loved it. He was a natural at the jumps, and was showing alot of promise. His champion bloodlines were made evident , making Keith so proud, his chest would puff out.
Binzen was becoming a big part of our family. He was one of our kids. This family has faced some unpleasant times in the past two years, and having Binny around has definitely helped ease us through some nasty stuff.

My sister Carol, was savagely beaten,in a domestic dispute,ending up with her back broken in four places and her right arm shattered. She came to convalesce at out house. For weeks she was semi bed ridden. Only able to move a few steps to the bathroom, and then with electrifying back spasms. Binzen was her therapy dog.(Ok Ok, the cat helped too). He would lay with her and help her feel loved again. He encouraged her to toss his ball a few feet. Before long she could throw it out the open bedroom window from her bed. Binny would run outside and fetch it back to her. Surely, tossing a ball a hundred times a day helped build her up. But mostly it was his affection that healed her most damaged part and that was her heart.
He served double duty that summer. While Carol was layed up, he was babysitter to her two lovely children. It was a hard time for them and Binzen was a good distraction. He played with them and helped them ease their worries about their Mom.
As Copper became less able-bodied, Binny would prod him along the dikes. Urging him on when the going got tough. The banks that Copper once bounded up, were becoming too much for him. Binzen helped spur Copper on for longer than I believe he would have gone as a lone dog. Shortly after Binzens first birthday, Coppers health rapidly declined. The tumor in his neck grew and he could no longer live with it. Binzen was right beside Copper during his final days. Easing Andrews suffering. Once again all three of them were sleeping together, but this time in preparation for goodbye.
Having Binny around, certainly eased the pain of losing this long time furry family member.
A couple of months following that we got the news that our niece Kayla had Cancer. I did say it has been a rough couple of years. Once again, having Binny around has eased our worrying. He is one big distraction. His comical antics don't let us get down for long. Kayla has made marvelous progress through her treatments and shows every promise of a full recovery. This photo was taken in Binzens first October, a month before Kayla would exhibit her first symptoms.
So happy birthday to our youngest "son". How can a two year old have accomplished so much? Thanks Binky for all the joy you bring to our lives.


Ms. Vickie said...

Happy Birthday Binzen, What a special family member he is. Thank you for sharing with us about this very significant family member.

Beautiful pictures--again.

sharon said...

They are so special, aren't they? They truly are members of the family.
Your family really has gone through the wringer. I hope now there will be calm for all of you.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday Binzen

Pets are not pets, they are family and know when they are needed.
I know I have no pets just to family members that look like cats.

mom said...

Binny is a wonderful dog, like Copper before him. All of our pets have been part of the family, which is as it should be. They give us so much love and adoration, it is hard to live up to being who they think we are.

People who abuse animals are not fit to live on this earth.

Monica said...

I had a beloved pet named Pumkin that to this day I don't think I ever got over. He was stolen. I vowed not to let another one get close to my heart but Honey has managed to.

Binzen sounds very special. Happy birthday to him. :)

deni said...

Happy Birthday Binzen, you are one loved Springer!

I enjoyed this post and the pics!!

ellen said...

I was moved to tears to see Binzen helping Copper up the slope. No wonder humans love their pets so much.

Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday Binzen! He sounds like a wonderful member of your family, Susan.
Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Dogs are so special. You can trust them unconditional, they protect and defend you. And they expect you will do the same for them, they don't doubt that you will do that. I think, that's why they are our best friends. Look in their eyes and you know what I mean.
And the video is toppy :-)! Many ways lead to Rome even Photobucket :-)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Binny!

I read often - love your beautiful photographs - just don't comment as often as I read. Your family has had an intense couple of years. I hope life is as beautiful (and as optomistic) as Binny from now on. Loved the video. They are certainly accomplished beggars! (Share your nummie nummie nummie, please a bit of your nummie??? Uhhh, you're not going to eat all of that by yourself are you???)

carol said...

Happy Birthday Binny, love from Aunty Carol

Anonymous said...