Friday, January 26, 2007

Anmore Adventure

I awoke to a spectacular sunrise. I was glad it was my day off. I had made plans with my dear old friend Deanna. All I knew is I would go to her place and from there, the possibilities were endless. My camera was loaded with batteries that I hoped were charged. I stuffed it into my coat pocket, and off I went. We had breakfast at Tim Hortons, Deannas treat. Thanks Kid! First, a pit stop for gas, it took alot of deep thought to determine if it was worth the extra two cents per litre to put the better gas into her new cars tank. That done, we headed off to the hills to see what visual splendors awaited us there. The clouds seemed to be thickening and the fog was still hovering over the still water and low hills. One thing that was impressed upon us was the vast ammount of downed trees. The hurricane like winds we had after Christmas, made a big impact on this area. We saw this one uprooted at a park we passed on our merry way. Trees lay all through the forests like toothpicks. The lake surface was as still as glass and reflected the scenery as though it were a mirror. At completele calm, a far cry from the storms of recent weeks. One end of the beach was flooded due to the melting snow. The ice was still floating on the water at this spot as it is a heavily shaded area. It was glowing white as a mist was coming off the softening ice. Many fallen trees lay across the lake surface. Quite an eerie sort of place, but no swamp monsters jumped out to grab us. What a relief!!! Soon it was time to head back. We stopped at Deannas and gobbled down some awsome chicken sanwiches, that she threw togethe so effortlessly. This woman shoud work at Subway, I tell you, she is a natural sandwich artist. Time always goes too quickly on wonderful days like these. Some wonderful photo ops. We both took loads of pictures. You can see some of Deanna's at her site. She has a very artistic eye. By the time I took this last one, The day had become quite dull. I made it into a black and white to emphasize the shape of this tree, since the photo was fairly steely already.
Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend.


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Buntzen Lake, Eh!
Remember, we used to go there and walk along the lake, one time we walked to the other end where the water goes down the penstock to the power generator on the Indian Arm of burrard Inlet.
I looked at Deannas blog first, now I know what that picture is on her blog, the canoes.

alwaysvictoria said...

WOW, Susan I think each time I see your photos you get better and better. Have you thought about doing some calendars or something with these beautiful pictures.

I sent Karen to check out Cafe Press recently and in no time she had a several things for sale there. I got the calendar she has for sale there and they did a great job.

I know you have talent and hope you share more and why not make a little money off it in doing so. Just my thoughts.

Take care and thanks for the visits and comments you leave me. You are a special lady. :)

Ackworth Born said...

Lovely set of photos.

Bobbie said...

With all the focus on Stanley Park, we tend to forget that so many parks had damage from the winds.

Great photos as usual!! Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Herman Verbrugge said...

how privileged you are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

mom said...

super pics Susan. We spent a lot of happy hours on those shores when you were all kids.
Dad's weekend endurance tests of long hikes, sure gave us all a love of nature and a great appreciation for the beauty in the country that adopted us.

I'm glad you and Deanna had such a super day together. Her pics are great too.

Anonymous said...