Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Handy in the Office

Before I say anything else, I had an update on Kayla today. Here is an exerpt from her moms post on the hospital carepage....
"Happy New Year Everyone....I'm sorry I haven't written. I've been so very busy with the kids. Kayla is getting closer to the finish line. She goes in for blood work later today...(Jan 9th) and next Tuesday, Jan. 16th is her next MTX. Chemo. She will have two more chemo's to go after that. It's hard to believe she is almost at the end. If everything stay's on track...she will be done by Feb. 3rd/07. I've been a little concerned about her lately. The chemo. is affecting her short term memory. She gets really frustrated that she can't remember things. The doctors are keeping an eye on her...she will be receiving more brain scans." Kayla got to have a day at home on Saturday and the family went out to a movie, which she really enjoyed. Its nice that she is feeling so good.

And now, a tale of my handiman.

With workmanship that could rival Holmes on Homes, I present to you My Handiman. Yes People, here we have a man who is as capable and efficiant as they come. Now ladies, I dont want to make anyone jealous here. But I am afraid I cant help showing him off just a little. (and yes that is a little bit of sunshine coming through that window!)
Yesterday Keith , AKA Handiman, set up our office. I know, he is devastatingly sexy in his work clothes and bare feet! Put tools in his hands and I can barely keep my hands off him. There's just something about a man at work! But I digress.
We have reclaimed this room, now that our son has moved downstairs. So my handiman, filled, sanded, and painted the walls. Then he assembled these wall cupboards. They will house all the CRAP, yes thats what I said, CRAP! Photo albums, text books, computer supplies, reams of paper, you name it and its probably gone in there. I love how nice and tidy it looks. We used to have shelves for that stuff and it always looked junky.
Next, he installed our desk. Which is a long piece of counter top. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make a large desk. We have them in the boys rooms too. They may not be what you would find in Home and Garden Magazine, but this works for us. Cant you just see how proud he is of himself? While he was busy painting and assembling, I was relatively useless. I sorted through and moved stuff into the cupboards, made two large bags of garbage, and vaccuumed, other than that, this was His project! However, once everything was hooked up, I very willingly, sat down to test that all systems were go.
Yes! Looks like everything is fine. Here I sit, at MY side of the desk, reading the latest post on Bobbieology. Side by side computers, Isnt that sweet? We dont watch TV or go out much. We sit along side computing together, now isnt that romantic?
I am going to print up some of my favorite photos and frame them and hang them along that bare wall above the desk. All this stuff has lived in our bedroom for the past year. It is a relief to finally get some space back in there again! Its only a 12x10 room so all that stuff plus a queen size bed and a huge amoire, equaled chaos!
Mr.Handiman is already twitching to get our bedroom painted now! Somebody stop him! He needs a break! Whats that dear? OH! He says that I will be painting the bedroom, not he!

I am more or less recovered from my stomach bug and go back to work tonight. I only work one night and have three days off! I am looking forward to that. Keith thinks that will be perfect timing for me to paint our bedroom. Hmmm!


Anonymous said...

I need one of those!


Tim-tambolini said...

Organization seems to be the theme in many people's lives this new year. Your office space sure looks nice! Enjoy!

Bobbie said...

Thanks for the update on Kayla. She's such a trooper and I'm glad the end of her chemo treatments is coming soon.

Your office looks great and I'll bet you're glad to get the bedroom space back! Hope you use your days off to relax and recover from the flu. It sure takes it's toll on you, doesn't it.

I still haven't found the emails but my sister got the same ones from my niece and said I didn't miss anything. Been spending the evening doing some housecleaning on my computer.

Take care and hope we don't get too much snow!

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh hello! So glad I came by your blog, via Annie's. Whereabouts are you from in UK? We live in North Yorkshire, near Whitby, I am sure you will know the area!
Great stuff, you liking photos. Take a look over on my blog, a group of us are taking a picture evry day! Hope to see you there, you would be very welcome to join in!


deni said...

I think I just need a whole other room. I don't understand where all the crap came from, we have lived here less than a year and I got rid of so much crap when we moved.


Glad to here the update on Kayla, and really glad that she will be done with chemo soon.

ellen said...

I'm so glad that Kayla's almost done her chemo. Hopefully, her memory problems will abate with the therapy. I'm sending her my best.

Nice job on the new office space.

EMOB said...

Wow - that looks fantastic! Glad to hear Kayla is almost through it all...and you are one LUCKY woman! :)

sharon said...

Man, I AM jealous! The last set of shelves my boyfriend put up ended up landing on my head. OUCH! I guess my stud had trouble finding the stud!

So glad to hear about Kayla! What a long road she's been down. I sure hope everything runs smoothely and her memory thing is just a temperary thing.

Monica said...

Thanks for the update on Kayla. We'll say some extra prayers over her memory and those brain scans.

Take care of you.

Deanna said...

That Handiman, what a guy. Now I know that my Mr. Husbandman would never approach a project without the proper footwear engaged for the days work. You have a very brave Handiman there... very brave! Love the new office.. too bad you couldn't of had recliners .. now that would have been love in the office!