Monday, December 04, 2006

Cold Feet & Warm Beds

Is it my imagination, or did it get dark really early tonight? Winter solstice is almost upon us. The shortest day of the year comes soon. Heidi and I went out for a couple of things after school. This picture was taken at 4 pm. We stopped at our town green to take pictures of the illuminations. The place looks so pretty with all the lights. When we lived in England, there was a seaside town to the north of us called Blackpool. They always had lights up there in the summer. They were called the Blackpool Illuminations. It was a big draw. People would come from all around to see these lights. Now I cant look at any light display without hearing my dads voice booming out in a broad Lancashire dialect "OOOHHH Blackpool luminations". Thats not a typo, dad always dropped the first syllable of illuminations. So here is Heidi with that look on her face that says "Ok Mom take the picture already, my feet are freezing." Thats the bandstand in behind her. I cant believe how long the snow is lasting. Usually, if we get any snow at all, it disappears by the next day. Im not complaining, I love the white stuff.

On to a warmer topic. This is our little lovenest. Last night I got the candles lit and went to get my bath. I was starting my days off and thought we could get in a night of 'Ahem' reading in bed? Binzen here thought he would get to bed first. When I got out of the bath, Keith was already asleep! So much for reading! Well at least he had warmed the sheets up for me!


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Theres a seaside place called Blackpool, thats noted for fresh air and fun.
And Mr & Mrs Ramsbottom, went there, with young Albert, their son
Look at this link

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

I just looked in the sunset table
Dec 4 16.00
Dec 8 15.58
Dec 12 15.58
Dec 16 15.58
Dec 20 16.00
It doesnt get darker much earlier than now, only two minutes. because of the earths orbit, the earliest sunset is before the solstice.
so you are right in your assumptions
Still no camera

jel said...

just love your pictures!

Karen said...

I love Christmas lights and I want it to snow too because they're even more beautiful with snow. I'll make some time after school is out. :-)

Sending warm thoughts your way, it's been really cold here too. *HUGS*

deni said...

The temps here dropped suddenly, and I am kind of missing snow.

I see Binzen thinks he is human too. Gotta love those Springers.

Bobbie said...

I love the pictures you post of our town. You'll have to get a night shot of our retro street decorations.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Fred said...

When I was in Albany, NY last week, it was dark at 4:45 pm or so. I felt like putting on my pajamas and going to bed. It gets dark here just after 6 PM, so it was a weird feeling for me when I was up there.

BarbaraM said...

It is not your imagination, it is dark out there. Look at as a small price to pay to live in Paradise. ;:)

Reading huh? You should have woken him up. I have never met a man that would get annoyed at being woken up to read a good book. ;)

Tab said...

OMG...You are too Cute Susan..
"reading"...better luck next time.
Sometimes ya just gotta stick to the good old fashion "paperbacks".
I love the picture of the doggy..he too cute:P

chosha said...

I always think that Christmas lights must be so much more effective in a place where it's snowy and darker earlier. A few people do lights here, but it doesn't get dark till 8 or 9pm in summer.

Gary said...

I saw a movie one time of a group of Indians on holiday in Blackpool. It was really a good film. I love a lot of the British films.

Monica said...

We had snow for two matter what else happens this winter we got our little mix of snow. :)

Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...