Wednesday, December 27, 2006


In our family, Christmas is a big affair. Keith and I each have large extended families and we like to get together with everyone . This celebration is all about being with those we love. Here Heidi gives Grandpa Harvey a Holiday Hug.
Christmas Eve, we went to Keiths Sisters, where we celebrated with sixteen members of his side of the family. We all pitched in with dinner. We were assigned mashed potatoes and a plate of goodies to bring. Every one brought something yummy and it was a marvelous feast. Gifts were exchanged. The excitement of the little kids is so nice to see.
Here some of the cousins hand out gifts. They each draw one family out of a hat to buy for, so it keeps costs down, yet everyone gets a pressy. We Feasted and had a nice visit. I had to leave early as I had to work night shift.
I went and did my shift and eight hours later I came home on Christmas Morning. Heidi was the only one up. She had let the pets open their gifts. The cat was already on a cat nip trip and the dog was tearing around the house squeaking his new toy. Heidi and I made cranberry muffins and set about stirring the rest of the house.
Here, my kids watch intently for Davids reaction as he opens a gift from his sister. Carols children, Jen and Ed sit happily playing with their new nintentos that their Mom, oops I mean Santa had put in their stockings. The look on Davids face when he unwrapped his Lump of Coal, was priceless. Heidi found it for him and couldnt resist.
Eddie searches under the tree to see if there might be just one more with his name on! Soon I went to bed for a few hours, remembering that I did have to go back to work again that night. I got up and made a late dinner. We had Salmon and vegitarian lasagna for our Christmas day meal, yum. Having had Turkey and ham on Christmas Eve, this made a nice quick feast for the tired working woman! Jenny doesnt care for anything I made, here she sits eating a Christmas dinner of Chicken nuggets that her mom made especially for her. Nuggets by candlelight now thats style. Thats real dijon ketchup there too. And those gorgeous roses on the table, were a pressy from my lovely one on Christmas Eve. I went to work my night shift and when I got home on Boxing Day morning, I slept 3 hours and then was wide awake. My sister Sheila and her children were coming over at 2 pm for goodies and gifts. The biggest hit of all was the toy soldiers that I gave young Jayden. He and Keith set them up all over the living room and fired missiles across the air at eachothers guys. Keith always loved playing this way with our boys when they were little. I thing he misses that. Jayden was thrilled to have an experienced plastic solder pro to compete with.
I worked Boxing Day night and now I am off for two days. Boy do I need it!
Its not over yet though. On New Years Eve, My parents and possibly my other Sister are coming into town for another get together. They should have been here last week, but I cancelled on them since I was sick and had no energy. I am glad we waited, now I will be able to really enjoy their company. Its actually kind of nice to stretch the celebrations out a little.
Keith Talked to Kayla while I was sleeping on Christmas day. She was really looking forward to her family Christmas Celebration. She had been back in hospital the week before Christmas, in Isolation. Her counts were low and she had a bit of a cold and they didnt want to take any chances. So she emergerged ready for a happy christmas with her brothers and sister. She is actually able to get up and down stairs now on her crutches. She will be getting her prosthisis early in the new year and is very excited about that. She hopes to start back to school part time in spring, tho is a bit nervous after being away so long. Keith advised her to call her mentor. A girl who went through the same surgery a couple years back. He thought she would have the best advise for her. Kayla thought that was a great idea. She goes for her next Chemo treatment on Thursday, I believe.
I hope you all had a wonerful Christmas. Sorry to have been gone so long. I will hop around the blog a bit, later on. Right now, I am heading to bed for a couple hours sleep. Ill be by to visit soon.
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OutHouse Capital of Canada said...


Sounds like everyone had fun over Christmas

Monica said...

Thank you for sharing about Kayla. And I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We're having another big celebration next week, too, when Julia gets home. :)

ellen said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas, despite starting off the holiday feeling under the weather. Continued best wishes to Kayla.

sharon said...

Sounds like you've been one busy lady! Christmas is busy enough without throwing in sleep deprivation! Now that you have a couple of days off, you can rest up for New Years. Take care!

Bobbie said...

Glad everyone had an enjoyable time over Christmas. Hope you are feeling better and have a chance to rest up. Thanks for the update about Kayla.

Take care and enjoy your days off.

deni said...

Wow, what a nice Christmas you had.

Now get some rest, you deserve it. Working nights is hard, I know, since I work them too.

Rhea said...

It looks like you had a great holiday celebration! Will read you in 2007.

Summer said...

Glad your christmas celebration went well..wishing you and your loved ones a great 2007

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by my blog. You're right about Christmas - the build up to the event and then the slightly bored, emptiness and laziness that follows but hey I see that as something positive. All the best for 2007 and keep taking those wonderful pics!

August95 said...

Wow that is quite a trek you have been on. Hope you get a nap in there somewere.

Your Christmas celebration sounds wonderful. All that family around must be very cool.

Have a very Happy New Year.

Coll said...

I know how difficult it is to have to work over Christmas and still create a festive holiday. Looks like you did an amazing job.
So glad to hear that Kayla is doing as well as she is.

Anonymous said...