Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallows Eve

Never too old to trick-or-treat. My sister fulfilled her dreams of wearing a white wedding gown by dressing as the bride of Frankenstein. She and her grusome twosome came along with Heidi and I. We also had Keiths sisters Two little ghoules join us, and also one of their friends . So, all eight of us hit the neighbourhood and the kids made out like bandits with enough candy to last until easter!

A few doors down from our place, the neighbours on the corner always go all out to decorate for the Hallowed Eve. They set up a cemetary on their entire front yard. It looked so spooky that a couple of the little kids wouldnt even go in there.

We got lucky with a nice clear night. It may have been a bit cold, but at least it was dry. I think it is great that Heidi still loves to join in all the fun with her younger cousins. I think they enjoyed having her along. I did notice less people than ever were participating in the festivites. A few years ago, everyone would have their porch light on and hand out treats. Now maybe just over half of the homes took part.



Monica said...

Julia is 15 and went out with her friends last night as well. She's paying the price this morning with an absence because she's been up twice using her inhaler so she's staying with her grandmother today.

Dick said...

It is a fun holiday. Mine was pretty quiet as we don't have any Trick Or Treaters in my residence park. I did go to dinner with a new friend and then spent the evening with her, so it was good.

Summer said...

Happy Halloween...i wish i was in the states to celebrate it..here in Lebanon it is not big a t all and only few really celebrate it. i love giving out candy and looking at the kids all dressed up!

molly said...

No trick or treaters by me. I have to eat the candy all by myself. Loved the pics, thanks for sharing.

Fred said...

Looks like a great Halloween. I love the house with the cemetery sign. I'll have to remember that for next year.

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Its Bad news, in fact sit down before you read on. Goddards Pie and Mash shop in Greenwich is closing. I have no desire to ever visit London again. read about at London Geezer blog
I can feel a blog attack coming on

Tab said...

halloween kicks ass...so does that chocolate..just wish it was healthy!lol

Chana said...

oh hon, sorry for have been missing for a while..hope to be back regularly soon..in the meantime i tought i tell you that a new few messages have been left for Kayla in the April 3 post..i hope she is doing better and on her way to a full recovery.

we only had one child at our door in halloween. it was frigid and maybe that was part of it..Joe took our kids out and there was hardly anyone out there..

the pics are great and i'm glad your sis had a blast..i'm with her, never too old for trick or treating or anything else for that matter..

much hugs hon.

Tab said...

hope you are not flooding out there!we have our sandbags on stand by..had some leaking in to our basement a few days ago so we are ready if it starts to get worse.hope you are dry.

Carolanne said...

Wow, Halloween is big in the States! Not so big here and rarely does anyone do the trick or treating thing.
What I want to know is: Is there any candy left? I've never known candy to last much longer than a week!

Walker said...

It looks like there was alot of fun.
I didn;'t have any kids here.
The kids have a party at the local communitee center.
It's more safe this way.
Its a shame that the kids in the city will never know what it used to be like.

Karen said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Halloween is such a fun holiday.

I hope you're doing well and that Kayla continues to make progress.


Monica said...

I had to share something with you, Susan. A friend (cough cough) sent me a snowball email? Well, I didn't let the picture fully load? So "assuming" it was the one from last year that splats the computer screen, I INNOCENTLY (being the Good One) sent it along to others but of course NOT to the one who sent it to me as stated. So I sent it to one of my address groups that included two of my church groups.

Yeah, when they give me the address of the special place in Hell that is now surely reserved for me, I'll pass it along.

Just thought I'd share since for some reason I didn't email it to you..now I wonder why?

LOL, I'm embarrassed...but it was funny..now Karen and Vickie are teasing me on Karen's blog today...think I should "fess up to who sent it to me?

Karen said...

Ohhhh... so it wasn't the Bratty one who sent it to Monica?! The Brat sent it to me. It didn't cross my mind that it was...ummm... the someone that Monica didn't send it to....