Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Week In Pictures

The dike is even more gorgeous than usual at this time of year. There are wild flowers growing on all the banks. Lupines, buttercups and the wild roses are so fragrant. It really is a little bit of heaven.

The turtles are out on the pond. This one had a baby with it. They were out on a log basking in the sun. Its increadible that they can survive and reproduce in this pond which freezes over in the winter. But its a nice rich pond, full of leaches and all sorts of tastey morsels.

Here are a couple more pics of Andrews grad day. Here he is with our little family. Below he is at the prom with his gang . What a great bunch of kids they are. His girlfriend went to a different school, so Im sure he was happy to introduce her to his classmates.

While the kids were dancing at their prom, we went to the Ranch for supper and some singing. We had a great time. It really is a cool place. The more we go and get to know some of the regulars, the more fun it gets.

The next morning we were up early for Flyball with the dog and then to a carwash fund raiser with Heidi's Jobs Daughters group. While we were there I got called into work. I did an evening shift. The more I work the more comfortable I get in this new job. I love the work, but I dont much like the responsibility it brings with it. I have always shyed away from any sort of role which holds much weight, so this is really a time of growth for me.

This morning I got up and went for groceries, our cupboards were bare. Then I came home and made a big Pancakes and bacon breaky! Too bad Keith and David had already left. Oh well more bacon for the rest of us! They are doing a bottle drive today for Demolay.We are always busy these days, but I wouldnt trade my life for the world. I am so blessed.


Beijer Donnerbauer said...
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Dick said...

Spring and early summer are a great time for photos and you do a good job with them. It also helps to live in a beautiful part of the planet. It's good to have kids growing up and moving on with their lives. Such a hopeful time for all.

Simply Coll said...

Your life sounds full and fulfilled. Love the photos.