Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Graduate

Our eldest son is graduating.

Isn't he a fine looking fellow? Doesn't his outstanding character just shine through?

This is the letter we wrote to him.

Dear Andrew,

Today is a big day in your life. A day of endings, and a day of new beginnings.
Eighteen years ago you came into our lives. You were our firstborn, and we didn’t have a clue how to be parents. The responsibility of being a parent at times, was and is overwhelming. When we brought you home as a little tiny bundle, we were delighted to have our family grow to include a son. Your Dad was so proud. Well, we fumbled our way through your infancy and toddler years, and before we knew it, you were going off to Kindergarten.
All through your school years, your teachers all said, what a delightful boy you were and what a pleasure it was to have you in their classes. Lessons were often a struggle for you, but you never gave up. There were many times during your education when the challenges you faced seemed insurmountable, as parents our hearts would break at each hurdle you faced. But you dug your heels in, lifted your chin, and always looked forward. You never let the difficulties you had to face, beat you down. The more challenges life threw your way, the more determined you became. When most other people may have given up and walked away, you kept on plugging away at it. You could have made it easier on yourself by selecting an easier course load, but instead, you opted to take some of the most difficult courses your school offered.
You have grown into a fine young man. We know, that no matter what life sends your way, you will be fine. The road lies ahead of you full of all kinds of wonderful possibilities. This is an exciting time, the beginnings of your adult life. We have every confidence in you Andrew, that whatever direction life takes you, that you are prepared to face new challenges with strength and dignity. The same determination that has gotten you through high-school, is what will make you a success in whatever career you embark upon.
So, Congratulations son as you Graduate today. We love you, we are SO proud of you.
May God watch over you and continue to keep you in His care as you move forward.

Love, Mum & Dad


mom said...

Hi Susan, what a wonderful way you have with words. You have the ability to put your heart deown on paper, that is a true gift.

Andrew is a wonderful boy and has truly had to face some big challenge, but with his personality and the wisdom of two very understanding parents, he has managed to conquer his many battles.

dad and I are very proud of Andrew, but we are doubly proud of you and the wonderful son-in-law that you brought into our family. How we managed to raise such a wonderful, loving daughter, I will never know, but I thank God daily for you.

Bless you and all your family and our love to our oldest Grandchild.


deni said...

What a beautiful letter to your son.

And what a handsome young man!! My daughter would go gaga over him. :)

Congratulations to your son, may he do well in his life beyond the school walls whatever he chooses to do.

Dick said...

Congratulations to Andrew and to his parents, too. Will he go on to school or look for work? He has a birght future ahead.

EMOB said...

Handsome indeed! Oh to be wait, make that 15 (AUGH!!!) years younger.

Congratulations to you...having read through your mom's comments, I can only say that you have a remarkable and loving family and you are all so lucky to have each other! Thanks for sharing.

ellen said...

As uncomfortable as 18 year old boy-men are with emotion, I'm certain that this heartfelt letter from his parents means the world to your son. Parents don't say these things often enough to their children, and to put them in writing is even more meaningful. I bet he keeps your letter forever.

40spoet said...

what a beautiful tribute, pass the tissues. at deni's i needed them, and here again. and the chills, too. no i am not getting a cold.

seriously, this a one of the most heart touching posts i have ever read from parent to child. not having children of my own, i can only imagine the pride you feel for your son as he ventures into adulthood.

congratulations to andrew. happy weekend.

Bobbie said...

Congratulations to Andrew on reaching this milestone in his life. Good luck to him in his future endeavors.
And what a wonderful letter you have written to him! You must be so proud of your handsome young man.

Take care and have an enjoyable weekend.

Walker said...

Congrats to Andrew. :D
Very nice letter from very proud parents.
I know he will continue to do so over the years. :)

Brian said...

Congrats to Andrew. That was a beautiful letter.

Fred said...

Wonderful post and letter.

He looks like a fine young man. Congratulations to him, and his very proud parents.