Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Midweek in My Town

The dandylions are out.
After a few sunny days,
the banks of the dikes are coated in gold.

Although we think of them as weeds when they plant themselves in our lawns, they really are quite beautiful and cheery.

I want to thank everyone for their comments about my neice. All the support we get will filter through to her. The cancer is in her leg by the way. You know how I love to do photography. So I am doing a scrapbook for her. It is going with Keith on Monday when he flies out there to see her. I will include all the comments I get from my blog, in its pages. They need to be in by Sunday. I have asked each member of our large family here on the coast to do a few pages that will include photos, verses, quotes , inspirational passages, etc. My hope is that when she is facing trying times and feeling low, that she will look through its pages and be uplifted and filled with the message of love and hope.


Bobbie said...

That's a wonderful idea to do a scrapbook for Kayla. I'm sure she will really treasure it.

By the way, the dandelions are beautiful, even though they are weeds.

Take care and enjoy this sunny day.

Ms. Vickie said...

I know she will love the scrapbook. The pictures of the dandelions are beautiful.

John said...

Best wishes for the young lady.

Aren't the dandelions something? So prolific. Some people love them.

Others detest them and spend big bucks to kill them, I oughta know in my line of work, being responsible for 14 acres of lawn at an estate every summer for years now.

My grandfather used to make dandelion wine, he claimed it was... Dandy!

deni said...

Dandylions remind me of my kids when they were little, how often they would come to me with a fistful, "Look, Mommy, I picked you fowers!"

Your niece is still in my prayers.

Dick said...

Dandelions have always been one of my grand daughter's favorite flowers, probably partly because there are so many of them and they grow all through the growing season. They certainly are bright and colorfull!