Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bringing you up to speed!

This is the first time I have had my computer on in a few days. I have alot of catching up to do. So after this post, I will scoot around the blog to read some of the recent posts.
What have I been doing to cause this little absence, you ask?

First of all, I have been trying to recover from two weeks of training at the jail. The hours there are exausting, I dont think I am made for being at work at 430 am. Although I was getting off at 1.30 in the afternoon, I was so bagged that i would nap till dinner time. On top of that I was not feeling up to the task of doing the meds for 100 guys. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am glad I had the chance to experience that role. But I found I just didnt feel the environment allowed me to work to my standards of practice. So I resigned. Part of me feels like a failure for not being up to the task. But the bigger part of me feels it was the responsible thing to do. There is no way I can give meds out safely to that many people. Maybe if I had more experience, but I am a new grad and I now realize that I need to start in a less intense environment. Knowing that I have another job at the Hospital already lined up to start on May first, made my decision to leave the jail a little easier. This has been a humbling event for me, as I am used to being good at my job, but this position just didnt allow for that. So, feet on ground, heart in hand, facing forward, Ill be myself!
I have had a few days off and have gotten alot accomplished around here. I have almost finished painting the shed. Just one wall left to finish the final coat of paint. Its looking so nice with its Chinchilla (gray) paint and bright white trim. It is a little version of the house. I should get it finished tommorrow if the rain holds up. Then it will be all ready for Keith to move into! hehe. I also got the lawn cut for the first time. Not much to cut as it is in really bad shape. I put moss killer on and now have a yard full of blackness. Out I go with the rake as soon as it gets nice again. Then its airator(sp?) time. The ground is so packed down from the winter rain and the dog running all over it that i doubt I will see nice healthy green out there again if we dont airate.
But at least its tidy . All the winter derbris is gone. The weeds have been uprooted from their beds, can you say five bagsfull! If it were wool I would be calling Baa Baa Blacksheep.

Monday was a gorgeous day and we got in a nice walk on the dyke. We saw a ton of birds. At least eight blue herons, two eagles a loon and even a sandpiper. I took some photos. They arent the greatest but gives you an idea of where we were.
Of course the dog always enjoys getting out!

Yesterday, my sister went in for surgery. She had the nuts and bolts removed from the wrist which was shattered last summer. This should hopefully, give her more movement and strength. I was her ride and designated waiting room body. She came home the same day and was feeling fine. But today she woke up with quite a bit of swelling and discomfort. She is under orders to keep it elevated , on ice, and to keep sucking back the Ibuprophen.
It is dreaded report-card week. I already have had a message from Heidi's teacher that she would like me to come in to discuss Heidi's goals and learning outcomes. GROAN. That doesnt sound promising! The oldest son always has a glowing report these days. Now I am just being patient and waiting for the other two kids to reach that point. I am sure it will happen eventually. Its all a mater of motivation and encouragement. But damn, its hard to stay positive when you know thay are capable of doing so much better.
I am feeling a little stuck in the middle at the moment. Two people who I like very much, have been caught up in a 'dispute' to put it nicely and I hate the fact that it has gotten nasty. It puts a lot of strain on me and Keith. I am trying not to take sides, and mind my own business. Hopefully this will blow over and not get to the point where I have to knock their heads together!
Tommorrow I pick up my Dad from the airport. He is returning from his five week european vacation. Lucky man. Back home to the welcoming arms of his family and a waiting length of pipe and a welding torch ! He will be staying with us for a few days to help Keith with our bathroom renovation. Our basement bathroom is a throwback from the 70's. I must remember to get a 'before' shot before they get started. Currently this tiny bathroom gives real meaning to the phrase 'water closet'.
So thats what Ive been up to. Hows your week going? Ill be around to visit soon.


Dick said...

I can understand your feeling like you need more experience before taking on a job like that. It is great that you had the other one available. That probably made it necessary to change quickly before they filled it with someone else.

Hasn't the weather been fabulous! Today was a bit cool but the weather report sounds like that nice stuff is coming back.

Good that your Dad can help around the house and it will give him something to do to unwind from the trip. Don't forget a photo of the new shed. We heard a lot about it early on & should see the end result.

Keep on with the photos. You do a good job with them.

Curtis said...

What am I going to do the rest of the week?? NOTHING after reading this post....whew I'm tired already. Boy you talk about being busy. Sounds as though your decision making is up to par and everything is going to fall into place. Keep up the pace and enjoy the rest of your week.

ellen said...

Best of luck with your new job and your bathroom reno. Give Carol my best; I hope she mends quickly.

Bobbie said...

Thanks for the've been one busy girl!! Your decision on the job change sounds like the right one.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week, dispite the cloudy skies.

Jona said...

I'm sorry to hear about the new job not working out the way you hope, but you've definitely done the right thing being brave and moving on. Good luck with the new, new job :o)

Your pictures look great, and I love the doggy one, he looks like a happy chappy!

And welcome home to your Dad, it's been a tad chilly around here for the time of year, but I hope he got to enjoy the warmer places and had plenty to see and do.

I've also being doing the gardening. But too many weeds to bag up unfortunately! They're sitting on my driveway as I debate whether I'm adult enough to cope with a fire ;o)

dee said...

I'm sorry that the other job was just a bit too much, but it does sound like a great idea for you to take the other.

Happy you feel as if you have gotten so much done with your time off! Thats such a great feeling when the spring weather appears and you can actually use your yard.

The pics are great! Used to go riding on the dike but that was a long time ago.

Barbara said...

I couldn't do any job that would reqire me to get up that early in the morning! I am glad you have something else. :)
I love the photos. They are terrific.

Ms. Vickie said...

I know you made the right decision because it was your decision. I always look at things in that respect if we are in charge of the choice and we make it on our terms it is the right one. Best of luck with the new job.

It is nice your dad will be around to help Keith. I can not wait to see the photos you share with us. We have one of those projects that has to be done.

Hope all is well with Carol, she is missed in the blog world. Your niece remains in my thoughts and prayers.

Until the next time, enjoy and best wishes.

LZ Blogger said...

Great pictures. Looks like a FUN time! ~ jb///

August95 said...

Hello Susan, glad you had the stength to know it was not the job for you. That take courage.

Hope the report cards came in ok and your sister is feeling better.

Good luck with the new job on Monday

Fred said...

Best of luck, Oopsee, thanks for the update. I always enjoy your pictures that go with your stories. They're very refreshing.

Walker said...

Don't think of yourself as a failure, because this job didn't work out.
It was a new experience and it wasn't what you expected it to be.
All this means is that you were meant to do better things.
4:30 am start.
I wouldn't have gone past the parking lot lol

chosha said...

Being able to recognise our limitations is mature. It doesn't mean you failed at all. There will come a day when you are well able to do that task, and then you'll decide again whether it's the right course for you. There's no point in doing something just to prove you can - sometimes the better path is to not care if you can and decide based on whether you should or want to.

Anonymous said...

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