Thursday, April 20, 2006

Behind Bars

I typed the words "behind bars" into google and it gave me these images. I love this photo, it really captures the feel of the jail. I am into my second week on the new job. I have been learning so much. An LPN working in corrections has to be very light on her feet as she never stops moving all day. There are a ton of meds to dispense, actually this is almost like being a pharmacy technician combined with a statistics auditor. There are lists of new inmates, lists of transfers, lists of moves and lists of court dates. All these lists have to be constantly updated. I have learned how to do a spreadsheet now. On the whole I feel very safe there. The only time I feel a bit nervous is when we occasionally have to go into the pods like the photo below. The place I work is newer although the layout is similar. But on the whole, the guys are fairly pleasant. You just have to constantly be aware of who is around you, and to watch your back. Its a long day, but it goes so fast. I have signed on as casual so that I can have some control over what hours I work. Already I have people asking if I am going to take a regular position. I am declining that just now. I haven't had any flexibility in my schedule for the last seven years. I don't intend on getting so pinned down for a while. Staying casual means I work when I want to. So I can work around appointments and kids activities, etc. So now I am off to bed to get some rest and prepare my mind for tomorrow. I am booked to work the next couple of weeks on evenings. So no Karaokee for me for a while. Guess Ill just have to sing in jail. Ill know I am getting the hang of it when I start singing on the job!


Dick said...

I am glad that you still like your new job. My next door neighbor is a retired Skagit County Deputy Sherriff and he worked as a Sgt. in the Skagit Co. Jail for six or seven years. It is a different environment but it should also be safe for employees and inmates.

You asked how long the tulips bloom down here. The festival is all the month of April & the growers try to stage their fields to have some blooming all through the month. I think they will last that long this year as it has been pretty cool. If you guys come down, let's meet for a mocha or lunch.

deni said...

Glad you like the new job, flexibility in scheduling is always a good thing.

No kareoke? Hmm, sounds like you will be singing like a jail bird. :)

Have a good day.

Monica said...

wow...a new karaoke, huh? that's okay, I can't sing anyway LOL... Hope all is going well with you and the family and I continue to pray for Kayla.

mrhaney said...

i am also glad you like your job. that will help it go that much faster. i am not so sure i would like your job though but i am retired now so i don't worry much about jobs any more. have a great day.

David said...

Glad to see you doing well in the new job. I think I would pass on going into the pod though.

Jona said...

Glad you're enjoying the new job, and double bonus to like it and work when it suits :o)

Curtis said...

Glad to see the new job going well. Don't worry you probably aren't the only one who sings in there if you know what I mean. lol

Bobbie said...

Your new job sounds so interesting and glad you like it so far. Being flexible in scheduling is a plus!
Enjoy this nice sunny weekend!

Walker said...

That first picture brings back fond memmories.
The place does have great accoustics though, so if you feel like singing then go for it :)

dee said...

Good thing you like the new job and the flexibility sounds great for you and your family.

Also, thanks for your wonderfully supportive comments on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Good thing you like the new job and the flexibility sounds great for you and your family.

Also, thanks for your wonderfully supportive comments on my blog!



Monica said...

Oh you haven't posted for nearly a week and I have been out of town...I wanted to check and see how Kayla's chemo went. She's on the prayer list and prayed over six days a week during Mass plus at my own Baptist church.

I'm making blogroll birthday wishes NUMBER ONE wish aside from Vickie is that Kayla comes through this all okay and stronger.

Take care, friend.

Anonymous said...

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