Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow Day!!!!

This morning we woke up to the beautiful site of snow falling. It was coming down hard and fast, and in a couple of hours there were almost two inches. I love the snow. It is so peaceful and clean. I love the way it muffles all the sounds. These two photos are my back yard. A little snow on the roof of the bird feeder(left). Any one for a dip? (right).
It is so rare to have snow here that we really make a big deal out of it. The last snow fall was before Christmas and it was also only a couple inches, but it is enough to give us the illusion that we actually have a winter in progress. I know all the rest of you Canadians, outside of Lotus land, like to laugh at us Vancouverites making such a fuss of a minor flurry, when you have been digging out from under the white stuff for weeks . Please, just humour me! OK?
But I admit, even we had to laugh at the site of this front end loader that began clearing the parking lot at noon. The miniscule amount of snow that we had, was already turning to slush! Talk about overkill!!! I guess the operator has a contract with the mall to just come in for snow removal at the first sign of snow. He bonused on this job!

Now, our neighbour wasn't taking any chances with her wiener dogs. She had them bundled up nice and warm in their little jackets. She said they could do with boots though, as they dislike the slush on their precious toes! AWWWWW! Poor little things.
Remember those happy daffodils? Well, lets say they are sulking just a bit. They have their bonny heads hung low. I am sure they will perk back up by tomorrow. Their feet got wet but at least it wasn't enough snow to bury them.

By tomorrow, this will all be gone. This afternoon the temperature got up to 6 degrees Celsius/ 41 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is already melting. Our wet slush will trickle down the drains, and the sun will be back soon to dry everything up.

Thanks for joining us.


Dick said...

Tucson is cooler than Yuma was. I think it only got up to 62 or so here today and the forecast for the weekend calls for highs of 59 Sat & Sun with possibility of rain. Rain is needed as it has been a long time. Today driving to Phoenix you could see the dryness even in the cactus' - they need some rain. But please, no SNOW!

Bobbie said...

Don't be so sure about it being gone soon! It's snowing as I am writing this. Drive safe if you have to go out.

Cowboy Joe said...

I was just going to say what Bobbie said. I jsut drove home and it's still snowing, big, heavy, wet flakes that are sticking to the road. And I've got to drive downtown one more time. Yucky. Looks pretty, but awful to drive in down here on the Wet Coast.

Keep smilin'

Curtis said...

It's been strange here in the middle of Canada also. Twice this week I've come home and it was 37 degrees. Stuff is melting pretty darn quick. It is pretty and I also like the way it muffles everything making it nice and quiet.

mom said...

Hi Susan, we got a skiff of snow yesterday but was gone by 10.00am. Today was gorgeous, so went out with friends for lunch wearing spring clothes. By the time we nattered away a couple of hours in a restaurant, it was overcast and cold. Drove home and lit the fire!!!! Strange weather, one day I am in the yard thinking of planting, the next day I get up to a severe frost.

edge said...

That first photo could be a Christmas card, lovely

David said...

Okay, this Texan is confused. You live in Canada correct? And it rarely snows where you live????

That makes no sense as we think of Canada as a frozen winter wonderland.

Simply Coll said...

Even here on the prairies.. a fresh snow fall cleans everything up. Must admit though.. I am looking forward to seeing it go. :-)
Enjoyed the photos. You have a lovely yard and the neighbourhood dachshunds are adorable in their coats.

ellen said...

I love your photographs. That's a lovely region in which you live.