Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Midweek in my Town.

(I have been busy this week and haven't gotten an opportunity to get out much. So this weeks Maple Ridge SPOT is from my archives.)

This is Kanaka Creek Park. On the Fraser River, which borders the south side of Maple Ridge. This is what remains of an old wharf. The jagged poles rise from the waters, reaching up from the past. Most of my towns original industry began on these shores. Transport at the turn of the century was dependent mostly on the waterways and later, the railroad.

Both these photos were taken from the same spot. Looking to the east , up the creek, there is now a newish footbridge arching over this little branch off the Fraser. In this creek there are beaver, water rats, and herons, and a multitude of other bird life.

It is only one of the many peaceful places around town to stroll.

I certainly appreciate the greenspace we have so nearby. Urban growth is occurring at an alarming rate in Maple Ridge. I hope our council is cognizant of the value of these special places, and continue to invest in protecting the rural nature of this town, that has drawn so much appreciation from residents and visitors alike.


Dick said...

Growth seems to be coming all over. My Mt. Vernon is growing faster than I'd choose to have it do and some of these towns in the US southwest are unbelievable in the rate of change. I really worry about them having enough water to support all that growth.

Your photos are nice. It is a beautiful place, especially considering it's industrial past.

Walker said...

Looks beautiful
The snow is starting to melt but this is a big snow month here so I'm not holding my breath for an early spring.

40spoet said...

like history, geography and photography lessons, all rolled into one. impressive. thank you.

Karen said...

Those pictures are breathtaking and so calming. I hope the growth doesn't interfere with such beauty.

Have a great day! *HUGS*

John said...

How can it be so warm there in winter! So lucky are you... A beautiful place to live too. :)

Please visit me at mt new website at:

Take care Susan! :)

Jona said...

You've given me 'cheery' :o) And calming too. It always looks so beautiful where you live, and if I ever get the nerve to leave here, I'm going there!