Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cover Girl

This is my niece Jocelyn.

She's famous! She's a model. A cover girl even.

This is the cover of a booklet that came in the local paper on Wednesday. It is a guide to activities and attractions in the area.

This photo was taken last summer by a NEWS photographer who was taking pictures at our local water park. Her Mom and Dad weren't notified that she would be getting front page notoriety. They were as surprised as we were when I called them about it. They are going to get it framed so Jocelyn can hang her moment of glory upon her bedroom wall.

Jocelyn thinks it is really cool that she is famous. Guess what she will be taking for show and tell?


Bobbie said...

She's a little cutie! What a nice keepsake for her to have although the photographer should have notified her parents that she would be on the cover.

Hope the weather co-operates so you can get the shed finished.

Have a good weekend.

mom said...

What a nice surprise, something for Jocelyn to enjoy for many years. I bet her mom and dad are proud. Can you get me a copy of the magazine please?

David said...

I think it is really cool as well. Reminds me of the times my youngest daughter was on the front page of the Air Force Times. That was a treasure.

John said...

That's very cool! Something the young lady will never forget. Maybe this will be the reason she may choose to model in years to come? :)

Have a fine weekend!

deni said...

What a pretty little girl, and I can see why the photographer took her pic, such a natural pose!

And what a nice keepsake!

Jona said...

*Congratulations to her* it's a super photo!

FTS said...

Oh! We have a celebrity in our midst!

Hope she doesn't start asking for a limo to and from school now. ;)

Dick said...

That is neat and something she can enjoy forever. I think getting it framed is an excellent idea.

chosha said...

Cool pic (almost a pun). She looks like she's having lots of fun.

Monica said...

That is too cute! Julia does some local modeling...she's not as into it! We'll see how Jocelyn is at 15!

As a gift, get her a porfolio and put it in it...who knows...maybe she's the next Cindy Crawford!

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