Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trouble Comes In 3s.

My threesome on their way out to the dance on Saturday.
You can dress them up, and you can take them out!!!
Middle son, doing a good Mr. Peanut impersonation .Oozes attitude.
Youngest girl, puts on airs.
Oldest son, on a mission of romance. What is that look in his eyes?


David said...

Really, really cute pictures.

deni said...

Oh the girls better watch out for your oldest son!!


Nice looking kids.

Dick said...

Kids are so wonderful. Enjoy them while they are with you as they will leave to continue their own lives all too soon. You want that to happen but you'll sure miss them.

Ms. Vickie said...

Nice looking kids, enjoy them while you can. :)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice looking kids and it's good they can express themselves with real individuality. By the way, have you checked out Retarded Rugrat - also in BC?

Tim-tambolini said...

You kids look very happy. Looks like you're doing a good job!

Love the pictures, by the way. It has inspired me to use more pics in my posts. Thanks.