Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Almost Done

AHHHH!!! Well that is that done with, just about, anyways. Stage one is almost complete. It feels good to have got so much accomplished. I felt so tired with all our work this last few days. My room was such a mess, and still not quite finished. I have a bad habit of letting things pile up in my closet and under the desk and in drawers. But now its all done , I can breath a sigh of relief, and I feel better. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that my computer is finally up and running again? As it is, I am writing this , once again from work, as I pulled a night shift tonight.

tomorrow and Wednesday I am off. So I will tackle my bedroom closet, get it sorted and tidied. Then I will be done for now. Unless I decide to paint something, which is very likely am rally in a fixer-upper kinda mood. Even though it wears me out. I must be getting old, because these sorts of things never used to tax me much.!

Anyways, looking forward to doing something nice with my spare time this week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. I want to get out for some nice walks. I dont mind walking in the rain too much, but I don't like to get my camera wet. And what is a walk if there cant be photography involved?

So my sister Carol, also known as Brite New Life, got featured on
FTS' Spotlight of the Week. What an honor and a privilege for her. If you haven't been to either of their sites , you may want to drop by for a visit. Both are two of my daily reads.

I am hoping to go to karaokee tomorrow night, since it falls on my day off. But ill see if im still awake at that time, since I am working nights today I might be asleep early tomorrow. Depends how much rest I get throughout the day.

tomorrow I should have time to work on a more interesting post.

Thanks for stopping by.


deni said...

Oh, it's a good feeling when you get something accomplished. It's the whole starting bit that gets me though. :)

Try and get some rest!

Dick said...

It is good to have you back! I read Carol's site regularly but it is pretty slow for me here as my PC card only connects to National Access in Quartzsite so her audio is slow to download. I will check out the other site you mentioned. I think he has visited my site in the past, too.

I don't know if Paul uses a sun screen product or not. He is pretty much tanned all over (see the photo!) so if he does use one it still allows him to tan. He is nice and a very interesting person.

John said...

Tis' a major pain to move anything around in that quantity.... Glad your back on the Net!

carol said...

Hey Suzie Q. Glad that your done stage one of this process of shuffling. love you lots, see ya around some time, hehehe. Now that im down in the basement we don't see much of each other, maybe you guys should have left my computer upstairs so you don't forget what the back of my head looks like. LOL.:)

Fred said...

Enjoy your few days of rest.

chosha said...

Sorting & decluttering are so satisfying...once they're done. :) Pretty tiring along the way though.

Bobbie said...

Hope you enjoy your days off. That was a big job you did with the moving and all.

Make sure you take your umbrella when you go for your walk, and your raincoat, and your hipwaders...isn't this rain getting ridiculous!!

Take care.

Simply Coll said...

I always feel so good when I have finished a cleaning project. My house could certainly use a few of those right now.:-)