Sunday, January 29, 2006


We have been doing some shuffling of the house hold. Durin the process, our computer had to be unhooked *gasp*. I know, its serious, but we're strong, we'll get through this. And since Brite New Life other wise known as Carol, blogs from our house, she too will be delayed in posting further entries for a bit. If we are lucky , we may be up and running later tonight. I am writing this at work, on my lunch break.

So what are we shuffling?

Carol and middle son switched rooms. She had been nesting in our computer room/guestroom which is upstairs, on the main floor. She is going down in his old room , as it is much bigger. We will be putting bunk beds in there so her kids will finally have their own room when they visit on the weekend. She will also have use of the downstairs family room. Its nice and cozy with a fire place. So she almost feels like she has her own apartment now. A little more privacy and a space of her own. But she wont be so far away that we cant all still visit.

Keith is putting up a shed soon for all the gear in the garage to go into. Then the garage is being converted to a hang out room for the boys. Weights , fooze-ball table and Nintendo/TV will go in there. Its cold in there just now. But we are going to take out the cold steel garage door and close it in with a wall and a nice big bay window with a seat.

The boys used to hang out in the family room that is now Carols. So this will allow them their own space. A bonus for me in this, is that the garage is insulated from the rest of the house, so now I wont have to be exposed to the boys dreadful Death Metal music.

So lots of work ahead. But already a lot accomplished. The rooms Carol has now occupied are all freshly cleaned and one of them has nice new paint too. Middle sons stuff is relocated.

We also had to move our computers into the master bedroom, which is not a Home and Garden feature at all. Keith built in a 7 ft desk top across one wall to fit 2 computers on. Its his office area. I want to make it as nice as possible, with some nice bookshelves. This house seems to be shrinking. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Being able to make a home here for Carol is worth squashing up a bit. Once the garage is converted, it will be great.

Well, I had better toodle off now and eat my lunch, before my break is over. Have a great Sunday. .


Bobbie said...

After doing all that, can you come over and organize my house!! I have piles of stuff everywhere and since I don't have a basement, its all out on the covered patio. I see a garage sale in my future.

Take care and have a good day at work.

Walker said...

Sounds like you have a plan and making due with what you have available.
Getting more things always tends to make you feel like your are in a small space I guess.
I used to say I will never out a computer in my bedroom.
I have ome in everyroom now.

deni said...

Oh sounds like a busy time, but it will be so nice when it's done.

John said...

Sounds great, Carol must be happy for her own space. Metal Music... I'd not tolerate the kids blasting that stuff in my house! ;)

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Her own space and a bit more privacy. It's very nice and cozy. Love where she has her computer set up so she can have the fireplace and a window view.

carol said...

It is all falling into place nicely.It will be especially great when the garage is done so the boyz can hang out in there.Thank you Susan and Keith, Love you both.:)

Dick said...

You sound like you are making great progress. Home improvement type changes are so much fun, from the planning stages right on through to getting to use the finished product. Give us some photos of the work in progress.

Monica said...

That does sound like a cozy little place for Carol. :)

If she moves out, can I move in? LOL.

Seriously, I love reading blogs where family cares for and loves each other. This has become one of my daily reads and favorite blogs. Good thoughts to you all.

David said...

Wow major changes - stressful in and of itself but with no computer - now that is BAD. Hope it all works out.

Fred said...

Wow - lots of changes, but it all sounds good. I was on vacation this past holiday, and went four days without a computer. It just about drove me nuts.

Juli said...

Hello Susan, its nice to know your still out here in I didnt know what happened to you. Hope everything is good with you, *hugz* Juli

Ms. Vickie said...

Family has a way of us making adjustments and seeing how they are positive for all involved. You are such a family person and full of love, this is a place I love to come and bask in love at. Thank you for sharing. :)

August95 said...

Hope you are hanging in ok. You sure have alot going on. Hope you are back up and running soon.