Friday, November 18, 2005

Does somebody smell a rat?

This is David.

He is our, almost 18 year old, 2nd born child. The boy is a genius, a comic, a handyman and a man of his own making. He doesnt care what anyone thinks of him. He chooses to be a non conformist. He can crack a wise remark your way without batting an eye, will drop a pun, all the while holding a deadpan expression. He can be frustrating as heck sometimes. And other times he has me bent over double in tears of laughter. Here he is pictured with his aunts little friend.

This is his sense of humor hard at work. Thankfully, his auntys' little friend is of the novelty shop breed. It's a synthetic rat. An
un-rat. Ratus Imitatus ratus(latin for fake rat).
This little boy of mine is about 6'4' now and still growing. He looks down on me with the utmost respect! Smirks at me when im doing a finger wagging lecture. You know he loves it that he is way taller than me. Does somebody smell a rat?

No wait... that's the stench of rotting salmon. Spawning is almost over. We live on a ridge up between two rivers. These rivers are full of salmon going upstream in the fall, its a breathtaking sight to behold. You could almost reach in and pull out a fish by hand, they are so plentiful. The drawback is, that after the upstream battle, and the spawning, many of the older fishies snuff it. kaputz, go belly up! Literally! Then their stinking corpses decompose and grace us with the waft of death. I can smell it from my door way. The best part is, when we take the dogs for their walk, we cant let them off leash in some areas or they will roll in it. Being cooped up in a car with a dog stinking of rotton fish brings tears to your eyes, and is not something I care to repeat. It happened once and that was more than enough. BLAGH!!!

The salmon are real. The rat is fake. David is neither rotten or phoney!


deni said...

I am so glad that rat isn't real. *shudder*

Good looking boy you have there, amazing how fast they grow up, I look at my son now and I wonder when did he turn into a man?

FTS said...

Gotta love someone with a keen sense of humor. And I take it the fish that make it aren't big enough for filets. ;)

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Very nice post about young David. I think he is one very cool cuke.

Karen said...

Ewwww LOL He sounds like a character.


Bobbie said...

You have to feel sorry for those poor salmon....fighting their way uphill through currents, over rocks, through obstacles, laying their eggs and then dying. It's so sad to see them laying there on the banks, isn't it.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Chickadee said...

Yer boy does look like a character. I'll bet life in your household is quite interesting!

I didn't know that the fish stink up the outdoors after they die. It makes sense. Blah.

David said...

Sounds like my kind of person and a whole lot like me. Nice to meet him.

Walker said...

I hate rats.
It goes back to when I was 2 and woke up to my bed full of them and my uncle smashing them to bits while I was still inthe bed.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome one he is, no not the rat, your son. What a sense of humour hr has. I did not know that about the fish, thanks for the little education.

Ms. Vickie said...

That anonoymous was me, have not finished my coffee. Guess you can see I have my priorities right....blogging