Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Boy

 Little sister made her brother his birthday cake from scratch.

Our crazy neighbour popped in to help celebrate the birthday of one of his favorite young people. He brought his own beer. Good thing, since we only had tea!

The real fun started right after I took this shot! Really it did!

Birthday boy's older brother and dad(aka my hubby).
You would think after a couple of months of no posts I could have come up with something more exciting to post!!!


Deanna said...

Ya. Anything is better than the continuous gastown circuit tour. Glad to see you back ... even if it is for the middle childs birthday celebration ... glad to see all you guys .... lets get together again ....!!

Sally said...

Well, I'm happy to see you and the photo's of your sweet family. I'm glad birthday boy has such a sweet sister who made him an awesome cake. :)

Walker said...

OK, little sister doesn't look so little any more and boy that boy, I bet you need a ladder to steal a hug HA HA HA

Happy Birthday to your son

When did they grow?

Unknown said...

Susan: Glad to see you posting, and please send along my belated Happy Birthday greeting!