Sunday, June 12, 2011

The BEFORE Picture!

This is Paradise?

We are in the process of giving our pool a face lift.

Its a built in pool, with a soft concrete bottom and aluminium sides. Usually it is all covered with a pretty blue vinyl liner.

We decided to replace the liner this year, as the old one really couldn't be eeked through another summer with any guarantee of it not self destructing on the hottest day of August.

So digging way, way deep down into Keith's pockets, we drag out the several thousand buck needed for the new fitting! Then we had the rainiest spring on record which put the installation behind, as the installers needed a good stretch of reasonable weather to to it. No Problem, we were in to hurry. That was April!

Then they said probably will be good to go in by the May long weekend. We said no problem. We were going to be away that week but would call when we got back. That was three weeks ago!

They called a week later and said "OK, start draining your pool, well be there this week. So it was drained... then they didn't come by for another week.

The trick to these aluminium sides is, they are kept in place by the force of the pool water. So when they finally get here to remove the old liner, one of the side walls had partially buckled in!

So now they had to dig out some of the concrete pool deck, take out the backfill and put a huge steel brace across the pool to get the walls back in place and repair it. That was on Thursday. Haven't seen or heard from these guys since then. Last week I was told they would be filling the pool by Friday. Well its Sunday and that didn't happen. On Thursday they said, well be filling the pool on Monday. Well I'm not holding my breath.

I am looking forward to showing you the AFTER PICTURES in a few days!


Herman said...

What about to pay the bill the same way.... :-)

Deanna said...

Swap projects .. or not ??

The front of the house & roof ... vs the pool ...?

Anyway you slice it ... it's just ICK ACK UCK!

The word of today ... GRATCI !

Sally said...

Well, goodness, I hope you don't have to pay for the mess they made.