Thursday, June 17, 2010


On Tuesday we were invaded by this lovely little family!

My youngest sister and her entourage have come to stay with us for a few weeks.

They are moving back to England, and are spending some time here vefore Cathy and the children go,
James, my Brother in Law, will be leaving this friday to nail down a job, he already a few leads and interviews. He will also be finalizing the purchase of their new home in the south of England.

They are all so photogenic. I am having a great time getting lots of pictures. These were all taken at a couple of our local parks.


Penny said...

What a beautiful family. Nice that you can spend a few weeks together before they move so far away. Are you planning on visiting them this summer? You mentioned going to Europe earlier.

Sally said...

Such a lovely family, and yes ma'am they sure are photogenic. Have fun with them while you can! I wish them the best. :)

Walker said...

They are photogenic but great pictures are taken by someone with an eye for it.

I am sure you will love having them there.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

You have sunshine and we have rain, what is going on.
What we need now is a picture of all the cousins together, we dont have that you know, emma was always missing.

Deb said...

How those little ones have grown since we last saw them! I'm sad to see them leave our neck of the woods, but it will be better for them. That business was so very hard on them. Tell them we wish them all the best, and to keep in touch.

Lisa RedWillow said...

You have a beautiful family, wonderful photos. Have fun. Visit often and I will too. Thank you so much.