Friday, May 21, 2010

Shedy Stuff

We have been busy little beavers, working on a few improvement projects in our garden. One of them being a new shed. Keith has acquired quite the collection of "junk"/"treasure", depending on how you look at it. Not too pretty, is it? It has accumulated on our patio and has become a full blown eyesore! Hence...the shed!! I will admit though, that the clematis looks fantastic!!

Taking up the old diving board and pool cover roller. (With the help of the dog). The black tarp is the winter cover. It keeps the water clean over winter. It blocks out light so algae cant grow. Keith's Dad was a big help. With Keith being so busy these days, we asked Dad to give us a hand. Dad pre-fabricated the base and walls at his place. Keith then brought them to our place in the utility trailer. Then they assembled it here.
In one day, we had the base and four walls up. Of course the men in the neighbouring homes had to inspect it too. When Keith was up on the roof, I recited the verse from the Bible in Proverbs that goes "It is better for a man to live on the corner of the roof, than to dwell in a home with a nagging wife". They all had a good laugh at that. You dont think they could have overheard me nattering at him occasionally?
The view from inside, looking towards our house. Here comes a little helper! Young Nick came by for an inspection and gave it a thumbs up!
The second day, the roof went on, including facing boards and the windows went in. Heidi and I tar-papered it and painted the trim.
I must admit, I was more than a little nervous to see dad on the ladder at the deep end of the pool. He is in his late seventies, he can't swim and the water is only about 10 degrees c. But I worried needlessly as he was as nimble as a man half his age. I had to include this shot to show off our mountains!
So, at the end of day two, we just have the shingles and gutters to put on, and a few finishing touches.

Don't they deserve to look so proud of themselves? Dad was especially pleased with his craftsman style door. In the morning, I start sorting out the junk pile! Ill post the finished product soon, along with pictures of our other projects. The fun never ends!


Dick said...

Very nice photos and I like your shed! We pretty much finished up our major work in the yard last year so this year it has been more a time of replacing those plants that have to be replaced every year. And weeding.

Thanks for your blog visit to my site today. You asked about Huggy. We no longer have the RV and since Pat & I married, Huggy didn't travel with us even while we still had it. It didn't seem fair to take her and leave Pat's two home, so they all stay home under the care of Pat's daughter who comes by twice a day to feed & scritch them. We traded the motorhome last September for a new Toyota Prius, and finally sold my Smart Car this spring. So now when we travel, it is with 50 miles per gallon of fuel rather than the 8 we got with the RV. Of course, the housing costs in motels is higher than in campgrounds and most meals are now out in restaurants so if the trip is more than a couple of days, it was probably cheaper in the RV.

Michael Manning said...

I like this story and photos. When my Dad died, I rebuilt my mom's house and it took longer than I expected, but it was worth it to put it back into tip-top shape. Actually, it is better than when my parents bought it. Mom now has a deck out back and many updates. Good work! I always enjoy building new things!!!

Sally said...

Wow!!! Looks like everyone did a great job out there. Your pool looks so inviting too!!

Love the pic with the mountains; so pretty. :)

Penny said...

Not gonna lie - I'm a little green with envy. Oh my gosh, mountains in the background, crystal blue pool, lovely, lovely house and yard. Fantastic. The little shed looks so nice. All I can say is, ENJOY!

Michael Manning said...

Susan: My new blog address is:


poet said...

good job on the shed. we got a new deck this year. we did some of the work ourselves, and yes, it sure is a good feeling to say we did (some of) it~ have a great w/end~

Walker said...

Wow, they did a great job and fast.
I am sure your father getting the sides prepped at his place helped.
Is Keith leaving it like that or is he putting some siding around it?