Monday, May 10, 2010

A Magical Mothers Day

I trust all my lady friends and families had a nice Mothers Day. Although for many it can be a poignant day, for those missing a mother or child who has passed on.
Hopefully you will have enough happy memories to have made the day as sweet as possible. I am thinking especially of Kayla's Mom and also of our Friend and his six children who lost their mother a few months ago.
I have seen many an elderly lady or gent moved to tears on mothers day upon hearing the Flower Talk recited by a young boy in Demolay. So it is a special day of remembrance and appreciation.
I had a lovely Mothers Day. Heidi gave me the gift of a tour in the nearby forest in all its spring time glory.
This is Harry Hooge Park, just a two minute walk from the house. It is behind the local Elementary school. It is a fair size park that is a forested ravine with a small fish bearing creek at the bottom.
The creek eventually empties into the south Alouette River. There are occasional black bears that wander up the ravine, causing the schoolchildren to have to stay in at playtime. We have also seen deer and coyotes. But they all stayed out of sight Today. The wildlife only like to show themselves when I don't have a camera handy!
It has some formal type, easy paths that are open and surrounded my lawns and other well kept paths through the trees.
Some trails though are only accessible at this time of year, especially to the less adventurous types, such as myself.
One of my favorite plants in here is the ferns. They grow here by the hundreds and are so big and lush, I almost expect to see fairies sitting upon the fronds! Just a magical place.
Oh! But what do I see here? A wee fairy perched upon the root of a cedar tree!
During the rainy weather, these steep dirt paths are treacherously slippery. In the the height of summer, the undergrowth and brambles become too dense to get through.

Heidi wanted me to see the masses of wild flowers. We saw buttercups, bleeding hearts, Lady's mantle, forget me nots, some gorgeous fungi.

She also showed be the "butterfly" leaves and several nurse trees.

Nurse trees are fallen trees or rotten stumps that support a seedling such as this baby cedar tree.

Thank you Heidi for this wonderful gift. She also made me a fabulous breakfast and gave me a beautiful peice of driftwood >sculpture" for the garden. David called from Powell River to say hello and Andrew dropped in with a coffee and a gift card for Timmies Coffee Shop!

Have a good week everyone.


Sally said...

Such a sweet girl you have, Susan! I'm glad you had a nice time in beautiful surroundings. Love the pics!!

I hope you have a good week also! :)

Herman said...

Such a great gift of Heidi. It must have been a good feeling to be with your lovely daughter, walking around in these wonderful surroundings. The butterfly leaves are very special, I've never seen them before. :-)

Penny said...

What a lovely gift - spending time together in a wonderful setting. I especially like the picture of the leaves. Unfortunately, I had the flu over the weekend, hit the hardest on Mother's Day. Not so great for me.

Walker said...

Mother's Day is special and like every year the BBQ was working with me cuffed to it.

Great pictures of mother nature and her little fairies

Tracy said...

Susan, I took my first look at your blog today and as I was going through I saw that photo of you sitting on the log. I had to enlarge it because you looked so much like Auntie Renie. (That is a compliment as you know I adored her. ) I am told as I am aging I look like my Grandma ironic as you are looking a bit like yours and we were born on the same day. Or is that just coincidental I always get the definition of that wrong. Love Ya , cousin and will stop by a little more often. Tracy