Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthdays Galore!

This weekend, my side of the family got together to celebrate my moms 65th. This is the first time in four and a half years, that all six of us (my parents and all four of us sisters) have been together. Three of us live in Maple Ridge, so we get together alot. Cathy on the left, lives about 400 km away, next door to my parents. Recently, she sold her business, so now she is free to come to visit. The sad news is, she and her husbands and two kids have decided to move back to England. We will miss them, but as my dad is happy to point out... That means some free accomodations when we go to England! He's always looking on the bright side!

My youngest nephew, Matty really loved Grandmas birthday cake, as pink and yellow are his favorite colours! He was good help to grandma in extinguishing the candles.
Here, all the grandchildren that were present, pose for a group shot. Three of them were not here so, its not a complete picture. Andrew in the center with the dog on his knee, is the oldest cousin, at 22 and Emma who is not in this shot, is four, and is the youngest of my parents nine grand kids. This was taken in our downstairs room. The pictures on the wall were painted by my grandfather. Two are copies of Casson watercolours. When he was learning the trade he would copy works he admired, untill he got the knack. The portrait, is of Andrew at about three years old.

We have had a few birthdays this month. A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the birthdays of four men from Keiths side of the family. His dad, Harvey, in the center wearing a brown shirt is 77. Keiths brother in the red stripes is 39, and the two boys standing behind Dad, wearing gray, are our nephews Paul, 16 and Troy,17, who all have their special days within a few days of eachother.

My sister Carol, made both these cakes. The one for the men is a dartboard. I thought that was a great idea. With both Keith and I coming from families with four siblings, It sure makes for lots of family!

Apart from birthdays, we have been busy in our spare time, working on our yard, trying to get it nice for the summmer. We have added a large patio in the back, where it was always muddy. We have started sprucing up the front garden, and we are also putting in another shed, as I am tired of Keiths car parts and spare tires cluttering things up. Ill post some photos when we are done.

Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.


Penny said...

Great celebrations! Those cakes look amazing. I love the paintings by your grandpa. I hope to take up painting when I retire - not that I have that kind of talent.

When are you going to Europe? and where?

Curtis said...

Lots of good lookin' people ovair and man do them there cakes look might invitin'. So where's the grandmas and all those people...I didn't see no old people in those pitchers. I love birthdays, just wish I could remember when mine is.

sharon said...

Good times at Susan's house! I love the family thing:) I agree with Uncle Curtis...there are no old folks in those pics. You have good genes girl!

Bobbie said...

You've been doing lots of celebrating in your family. The cakes Carol made look great.

It was nice seeing you and Heidi today, and getting the chance to catch up. Take care and hope I see you again soon.