Sunday, February 14, 2010

ABC Wednesday - D

I know it is a few DAYS since it was Wednesday. With all the DRAMA of the Olympics, I was DISTRACTED from posting on time . Sorry for the DELAY!
My family has been busy DIGGING. When our DISTRICT is DELUGED with rain, the DRAINS in our neighbourhood are not large enough DIAMETER, so the pipes back up and we get water coming up around the foundation of the house. Usually we manage the excess water with a pump and have been able to redirect it to avoid DAMAGE to the home. But this past summer, we weren't so lucky and it came up the DRAIN DOWNSTAIRS and DAMAGED the flooring. We had industrial fans and DEHUMIDIFIERS going for two weeks to make sure we got all the DAMPNESS DRIED out of the DRYWALL.
On the four streets adjacent to ours, over a DOZEN homes were flooded on the same DAY. Since the city seems DETERMINED to
DENY any responsibility, we DECIDED make some changes on the property that should keep the place DRY from now on.
It was DIRTY work. Keith and the kids DUG out a huge area around our patio and filled it with gravel. Aren't they DEARS? I would have helped them, but someone had to take the photographs! Hey you! What are you leanin' on that shovel for? Ya look like a city worker!
They worked really hard. Raining the whole time. They filled the trash cans and then used the DOLLY to take it to the trailer. With the DIRT being so wet, they were so heavy. The trailer held 12 cans. and they did 4 loads! 48 of DIRT then 48 of gravel! Plus an hours DRIVE between loads to DROP off the DIRT at DADS friends place for his garden.
Aren't I lucky to have such great kids? They were genuinely willing to help their DAD. We must have DONE something right. Hows that for an awesome Valentines DAY gift? I got chocolates too!
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Herman said...

And who had to wash their dirty clothing after the heavy work? That was something you discovered after Valentine's day and a box of chocolate :-)

Penny said...

All that work looked DRAINING! i'm sure you are DREAMING of a DRY DAY. Happy Valentine's Day.

Powell River Books said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. If you do get over to Powell River this summer and come up the lake, stop by. We are usually at our cabin in Hole in the Wall. - Margy