Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Date Day

"That would be a Rio Tinto train, full of coal, headed to one of our terminals." Yes, even when he is away from work, he cant help but inspect a passing train. At least there aren't any freighters visible on the water here, or they would be up for analysis too. You can take the cargo surveyor out of the terminal but you cant take him out of the man! I guess it is no different than me mentally diagnosing people that we pass!
It's been ages since we had a DATE.
A day out with just the two of us. I find We need to have these time outs, away from everything, in order to reconnect.
The holidays were so full of family, visitors and parties, which is wonderful. We realize how blessed we are to have such a huge close family and so many awesome friends.

Sometimes though, we just need time to be alone. to get back to being 'us'. When we woke up to a beautiful sunny day, we snuck off to White Rock for our date.
There is a mystical feeling to this place. No matter what the weather, the light here is always amazing.

Combine that magical light with the musical sounds of the sea, the lapping of the waves, the cry of the gulls, and you have a little piece of heaven.

Along the pier, there are water valves, for fires I suppose. This pier once burned down years ago. It is a gorgeous promenade and is a well known feature of this community.

Its hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky starts. The peninsula on the left is Washington State, in the USA. The border is just minutes away from here.

Keith is currently on his two week stint as supervisor. A job which he can do a lot of the work from home, thanks to computers, cell phone and fax machines. So although we had escaped the house, he still had to answer the phone when he got calls from work. But I get to see more of him than when he does his two weeks on sight. Whenever he got a call, I just busied myself taking pictures.
We spent hours on the beach, and rounded the day off with dinner at Keith's favorite Greek Restaurant, right on the beach. We wont wait so long for our next day out. We really enjoyed ourselves. I cant wait for another day like this.


Penny said...

I'm just a little jealous of your beautiful day in January, living so close to the beach. I know how you feel. My husband and I get to carpool to work together this year and I am enjoying the drive together. Even when we get stuck in traffic, it's nice to be together. (My friends who live in Calgary and B.C. laugh when I say stuck in traffic because the maximum time we spend in the car is maybe 4o minutes top. Our "rush hour" traffic may add an extra 1o or 15 minutes to our drive.)

Louise said...

Love your beach pictures - especially the first one. Nice work!

Herman said...

What a wonderful day that was. The sun was shining and both of you were in a good mood. The combination of going out and doing your job at the same time, is the advantage of this modern age.

Cuppojoe said...

Awesome pics! My favorites are the "little piece of heaven" and the padlock. Nicely done!