Friday, January 08, 2010

Family Portrait

Belatedly, here is the photo I wanted to post for Christmas and new years.
You know, one of those "From our Family to yours" type of things?
Heidi David
Andrew Keith Me

I haven't had a professional family portrait done since Heidi was about 6 months old. That one was done at K Mart where you got 80 prints for $14. I don't like The stiff and posed quality of studio portraits.
So, here we are, stiff and posed in our own backyard.
It is so hard to get everyone together at the same time. We planned this day, then David was suffering with the flu, but he still joined in with his 102 temperature. I had already raked the leaves, so I scattered a few around the chairs for that autumn look! I wanted to have that red tree in the background. I had the camera on a tripod with the timer set. So for the six pictures I took, I was running back and forth to my seat! Also, because I didn't want my glasses on for the photo, I couldn't see how the pictures were turning out! Nor did I notice the wrong ISO. I had it set to 400 on a bright day! That's why our faces are so white! And my hair too! Actually, after this was taken, I made up my mind to put some colour in my hair! The best looking one of the bunch was the dog! He always makes a good photo!
In spite of the gimped up photographer, I love how it turned out and have an 8x10 on the wall!


Sally said...

Goodness gracious, Susan, what a FABULOUS photo!! Girl, your family is wonderful; thanks for sharing this. I love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, you should photoshop yourself in a sexy dress and surround yourself with the pet tigers!!!

Nonnie said...

Such a handsome family! Love the pic!

Bobbie said...

What a nice photo, Susan. In my humble opinion, it's a lot nicer than a stuffy studio photo.

Penny said...

I love your photo of your family. Everyone looks great. We did the same thing on Christmas Day. We all dressed in Hockey jerseys and my husband used a tripod to set the camera on. He is the one running into the pictures. We sent it to our daughter's friend in Australia.

I like Sheila's idea, only why photoshop? Dress sexy and find some stuffed tigers!! LOL
Your hair looks fine, BTW.

Chaos is my Life said...

It is definitely a great family shot!!! Nicely done!

Kat said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for your visit and comment. I always enjoy getting to know other bloggers. I've sure enjoyed myself here. (Loved your post about the police outside your house. LOL) Your family photo is gorgeous.