Friday, November 27, 2009

She's Here!

Well its been quite a week.
Tuesday we were shocked to find out that a very dear friend of ours passed away suddenly. Carla was the wife of a childhood friend of ours, Len, Who was the Best Man at our wedding. Actually Keith was also their Best Man. Her passing leaves six young children motherless. What a tragedy. We are still waiting for results of the autopsy to find out WHY? As far as we knew she was perfectly healthy. This loss really puts my other little worries into perspective.
Then the next day, My washer went on the fritz. I had put in a load, then an hour later when I went down to put in the next load I got a nasty surprise. Unfortunately, the stupid thing had continued to fill and overflow all over that end of the basement. basement. It took me six hours to shop vac up all that water. We had to rip out the laminate flooring in Keiths "MAN ROOM" and also he had to cut out the bottom couple of inches of drywall all around. Fortunately his treadmill is on feet so it was okay. So now we have to pay for new flooring and we are getting a new washer. Guess we can consider that our early Christmas presents! But you know, after what happened the day before to Len and Carla, I was'nt even phased by this, Its just a set back but not worth getting upset about. At least we have eachother and thats all that really matters.
On to happier news....
Cousin Lee arrived from Scotland on Wednesday. She will be here for a few weeks. It is the first Christmas since her mom passed away. I am glad she decided to come over to be with us instead of being alone over the holidays. Thankfully my Dad had come down that day so he was able to pick her up from the airport while I finished sucking up the flood waters!
Yesterday we went for a toodle at the river. It was a beautiful misty afternoon. But the sun was out making the forest so magical. It sure was stinky though with the few remaining Salmon washed up on the banks. The water was running high and fast, but had receded a bit since a week ago. Leaving 3 foot long, spawning salmon sometimes 20 feet or more from the waters edge! Watch your step!


Sally said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, Susan. My prayers are with all of you and her family.

Your photo's are beautiful as usual. That stinks about your washer, but as you say in the scheme of things, it's more a nuisance and hit on the wallet. :)

Bobbie said...

That is sad news about the passing of your friend at such a young age. It will be a difficult time for her husband and children.

Just a thought - will your homeowners insurance cover the damage from the washer? You might try contacting them.

I hope your cousin enjoys her visit. I'm glad you are getting a bit of good weather.

Penny said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's passing. It is especially hard when young children are left behind.

Such beautiful photos in the woods. I'm glad the smell doesn't go with it!

The only consolation I can think of about your basement is, at least it was clean water! Such a mess and so much work. You are right, though. In the grand scheme of life, it is a blip. (Time consuming, costly, and irritating - but still just a blip!)

Have a lovely visit with your cousin. So nice that she will spend Christmas with her family.

Chaos is my Life said...

There's nothing I can say that will bring her happens far too often. We absolutely have to make the most of each and every day...for our children...for life!

*deni* said...

I'm sorry about your friend, how sad about the children. I will keep them in my prayers.

Walker said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your and my thoughts will be with her family.

I am sure your cousin will enjoy being there with family over the holidays.

Walker said...

I stopped in to wish you the a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year