Thursday, November 05, 2009


Its been an interesting couple of days to say the least.
Dreadful news out of Texas today about the mass shooting at a US military base. So many people killed and injured so senselessly. What an awful needless tragedy! My heart goes out to the families of those affected and all at the base.

On Tuesday, Our nephew Nick fell off a trampoline and badly broke his left arm. Luckily he's a righty. He had to go in for reconstructive surgery Wednesday. They kept him overnight and he got to come home today. Poor little guy.

Also on Tuesday, Heidi was riding her bike in town, and was hit by a truck coming out of a driveway. Fortunately she wasn't hurt at all. But the driver never gave her his info and of course a kid on their own isn't going to know to ask for that. He didn't even offer to call somebody to come for her. She thankfully seems to be just fine.

We are having a huge storm tonight. Amazingly we still have power. The lights flickered a few times and Heidi and I ran around lighting candles, which so far haven't been needed! We did however, loose the cable TV. We were halfway into the first period of the hockey game when the signal cut out. It is still not back on now, three hours later. I looked online and at least we beat Minnesota 5-2 . Todays wind has ripped down the last of the leaves on our Maple. With our tree so bear, it looks like winter is here.


Walker said...

What happened at Fort Hood is tragic my thoughts will be with the people down there.

I've broken bones and the thought of your nephew's arm makes cringe.
In an accident even if everyone looks ok you still have to get information just in case something happens when the adrenaline sunsides

Penny said...

A tragedy like Fort Hood is incomprehensible. So senseless, it leaves me speechless.

What a week, you've had. So very fortunate that Heidi was okay. Hope your nephew's arm heals quickly.

I wish we had red leaves like the ones in your picture. We are having unseasonably beautiful weather here, yesterday, and today.

Chaos is my Life said...

It was definitely a terrible tragedy at Fort Hood....what makes a man commit such a heinous act?!?! Crazy!

Sorry about your nephew.

About the storm....ah here in North PoCo, we are almost always assured of losing our power at the slightest whisper wind. And this was no "whisper" but rather a "howling"...and yet....I was able to make dinner for the brood of 6...and a dog.