Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ahhh Weekends!

Weekends are such fun aren't they? When you make the most out of your leisure time, it sure is rewarding. Some times we get so caught up in chores and commitments that before we have had a chance to enjoy it, the weekend is gone. Kids know how to say the heck with chores and just have a good time.
Last weekend David, his friend Hillary and Heidi went canoeing and camping at Alouette Lake.
After we got the boat on to the truck, we set off to the lake which is about five minutes to the gate of the park and then another ten minutes to the lake, by car. Not far from home but is like being in the middle of nowhere. I love living on the edge of the wilderness.
Here's a little plug for Canada's famous coffee shop in association with a great Canadian pastime.
We dropped them off at the boat launch and they paddled off down towards the narrows at the far end of the lake. Its a fairly easy paddle to the far side as the water flows that way, but coming back can take three times as long as you have to paddle into the current. There are a couple of Provincial campgrounds in the area, but they like to find a spot in the wilds and enjoy a more rural setting. They camped at the tip of that far peninsula. It was cool up there with the wind coming across the snow, still low on the surrounding slopes.
Thankfully it stayed dry and they made it back dirty but no worse for wear.
Today Keith and I took our nieces to help at a hot dog sale fundraiser. It was sponsored by a large furniture shop to help promote their sale. The shop provided all the supplies and the barbecue and we got to keep all the donations for the girl's group.

They had the most fun doing promotions at the road side. The shop has a mattress company mascot, which is an unemployed sheep. The sheep claims to be put out of work because their beds are so comfortable that people no longer need to count sheep to get to sleep!

Here are Jocelyn, Tasha and Lexi, as the sheep. The girls all took turns wearing the sheep costume and dancing and waving signs to get customers into the shop where we were selling hot dogs at the front entrance. Its interesting to see the difference in the donations you get for a hot dog. Some people will give you $5.00 for one and other times you get an entire family that gives you $5.00 to feed five of them. Its all fine, as we don't pay anything for the supplies. I remember what it was like to be a struggling young family. We even had a couple of homeless people come sheepishly up to us and I told them give what you can afford. Well I guess they couldn't afford much 'coz they gave nothing, but that was alright. It teaches the girls something about charity.

We have had some gorgeous spring weather recently. I have spent many hours in the yard getting things tidied and pruned. Its finally taking shape again. With the busy spring we had last year, we didn't do much in the yard. But this year I am feeling more inclined. Keith recovered our patio. We have a corrugated vinyl roof which was cracked and leaking. So now its all new and we love to sit out in our dry outside area. I love the sound of the rain on that roof, its so peaceful. Even when it pours down we can sit out side and keep dry. I love it.

With the nicer weather, I have been doing a lot of out door cooking. We had steak tonight, with grilled yams and a delicious spinach salad with pecans , granny smith apples marinated in lemon juice and strawberries. It was delicious! yesterday we had portabello mushroom burgers with swiss cheese and we also did a stirfry with tri coloured sweet bell peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms and zucchini. Yum!!!!!

We have been glad to get back to our hockey games. The Vancouver Canucks were on a break for a few days following their early win in round one of the Stanley Cup Finals. Now in round two, we have won one and lost one. They play for the best four out of seven. We are challenging the Chicago Blackhawks. Vancouver is the only remaining Canadian team, so we have to do well as the whole country is now rooting for us! You see how I say "us"? As though I am one of the team! He HE HE!

I am working night shift tonight so I had better get scooting along here now. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

A voice from above shouts..... WHERE.... ARE.... THE.... LIFE.... JACKETS....
Looks like they survived and had fun. did you tell them about the free topo maps off the internet?
Boy, I sure miss my laptop, I may have lost a bunch of pics that I didnt back up. I sent it back to DELL, so now waiting for it to come home from laptop hospital.

Fred said...

Looks like they had a great time, and the scenery is beautiful. you're blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Have a great week, Susan. I'm off due to a potential swine flu case at my school, so I'm going to relax for my second spring break.

Penny said...

The cautious mother in me is screaming with your Dad - LIFE JACKETS!! Glad your kids had a safe and fun time.
(Re: yesterday's blog: I still think of Kayla and remember what a lovely spirit she was. Her passing must surely have left a big hole in everyone's hearts. The song in sign was beautiful. Where did you get it from?)

Walker said...

Living on the edge of the wilderness does have its benefits from both sides of the line.