Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Coats

This week, Nick and Lexie got new coats.

Just in time, the weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow evening.

I cant believe that at this time of year, I was able to find these coats at such great prices. They are both waterproof, so long as they dont go swimming in them.Also they both have nice hoods , an important feature for coat wearers here in rainey Haney!
Nicks was 40% off. They both look great if I, being the biased aunty, should say so myself. Of course Lexie is always eager to do a little modelling for the camera. She was all dressed up here for an appointment.


Faye said...

Hi Susan,
What a great deal on new coats for the kids! I had to get myself a new winter coat also since I'll be walking to work most of the time. I figure it is well spent, instead of the extra gas and wear and tear on the car. It will most likely be very cold come Jan/Feb. and I needed something warmer than what I'd normally wear in the car.

Hope you have a great weekend Susan!
Hugs, Faye

Herman Verbrugge said...

Nick's coat looks coooool and is warm.... :-0
That girl with her smiling face has many talents. Today we discovered a new talent.... model whooooow.

Adrienne said...

Hi there My favorite Aunty Susan...Great deals and of course my kids look fantastic. Thanks for keeping them warm and so great looking. I'll be talking to you soon! Love those smiles on my kids faces! Lexie looked so that beautiful skirt, and her new boots! She looks so much older! My baby is growing up! Love you Lexie, Nick & Troy...Mom is sending you gifts from Santa soon! Love all of you guy's! Thanks Susan,...Hugs, Adrienne! xoxox said...

Both kids looks great in their toasty warm coats. Lexi is very stylish in her pretty outfit with the boots.
Is that greenery I see in the top photo? We have -29 degrees with the windchill, cold and blowing snow. It's freeeeeezing. I think I live in the wrong part of the country.

Walker said...

Sounds like you got a great deal on the coats and we need them this time of year.
More in my part of Canada than yours.
Want to trade snow for rain?

Fred said...

The way the weather has been going down here, I could use a few extra jackets. It's been 5-10 degrees below average for two solid weeks.

Deanna said...

You are a 40% plus more auntie!
he he he h eh eh he

Good deal... the sister and I always share out super deal fortunes... it makes it seem like even more of a super deal!

Anonymous said...