Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apple of my Eye

Earlier this month, Heidi and I got a chance to pick some wonderful apples in the orchard that faces my parents home.
The apples have all been eaten now, but the memories remain. It is such a lovely setting, with many great photo ops. But Heidi refuses to model for me, hense these are all very natural portraits, which i love. My Aunty Gail and Uncle Larry were up visiting from Washington State. Its always so lovely to see them. They retired this year so are enjoying visiting.

I just finished my last shift and tommorrow have the day off. So in the morning I take the kids to church, pick up groceries, take Heidi and Lexi to Heidis Good bye party from her work at the corn maze. Hope the weather is good for that (can you say PHOTO OP???). Then in the evening I have Stephanie coming over for tutoring on her Biology.

Keith is working twelve hour shifts this weekend, so he will be gone alot and tired even when he is here. so I think this week may be a right off as far as finishing the basement kitchen. I cant wait for it to be done. One that is complete and I know there will be no more dust created on a regular basis, I will be painting the upstairs kitchen, living room, hallway, staircase, and bathroom! Then getting the carpets cleaned. OOO it will be so nice. I have been wanting to do this for ages but knew it would just be dusty if I didnt wait for the renos to be done first. I am having a heck of a time trying to decide on the colour of the living room , I am torn between cream, shell white or ivory! I know I am going very daring. I should probably stick to some thing more neutral like white, but I just love the rich hues of the cream shades! Just so vibrant!!! I know, I am boring!!!! Actually, I like the neutrals because they are calming and in house as crazy as this, I don't need any more excitement! Hopefully its all done before Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, I watched Keith's hockey team. I was the only spectator there! Wow, I am so glad I went. The won 6:5 in a very close game.
They got the lead by 2 goals early in the first period, the second period ending 4:3 for the other team. In the third period, the other team scored one more. With only two minutes to the end of the third period, Keiths team scored two more to tie the game and head into overtime. So exciting...I was horse from yelling and cheering. In OT one of our guys scored from on his belly to win. It was as exciting as a Stanley cup final! Who says senior citizens cant perform!!!!!?
On Monday, I stopped by Mrs. Laity's place and she loaded me up with plums.
from her trees. So I made a dozen jars of jam. Plum is one of my favorite jams. Soooo sweet and delicious!

I am so tired now, I am headed to bed. I hope to get buy to visit everyone early next week. Have a good Sunday folks.


Penny Halston said...

Those apples look so juicy I'd like to take a bite of one, right now. We have two apple trees in our yard but the apples are a little tart for eating. Good for baking, though. They make such a mess. One is old and may be dying. I won't miss it. That sounds like a lot of work, all that painting. It will be nice when it's all done. So clean and fresh.

Fred said...

We used to have an apple tree growing up, but I really didn't like them. The ones in your pictures look like the ones I'd love to pick and eat.

Sounds like you have a busy day today. Hope the weather cooperates!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We have more apples, I am putting some into storage for later in the year.

Herman Verbrugge said...

The photos are great, so colourful, bright and sharp. I am glad to read that you are as busy as we are with the house Susan :-)
We need also a lot of time for the finishing touch, like painting the walls and the new hardwood staircase to the attic. All these refinements cost a lot of time.

Dina said...

Apples are simply my favourite fruit and in summer i like to put them in the fridge. Those apples look delicious.