Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Becoming Men.

That's MEN, with capitals!
Keith has been working on getting our downstairs kitchen and Laundry room done. He has had alot of help from the young men in the household. There sure are enough of them.
Our son David is very handy. He has grown up helping dad, right from being a toddler, Keith has shown him how to use tools.
Our two nephews havent had that exposure as their dad has always rented and hasnt had the opportunity to show them such skills.
The nephews, especially Troy, are really keen to learn and to help out.
Here, David shows the guys how to use a chalk line and how to cut the gypsum wallboard and screw it into place.
They have learned to use a measuring tape, which involves understanding the fractions. Learning what a level is and are using the electric drill.

What is it about sweating together that really creates bonds between men?

Years from now, we will beable to point to this home improvement and say "Troy did that". "Nick did this" .

Keith enjoys leading his little work crew and he find it a real pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic bunch.

I believe kids are very capable of learning so much when given the opportunity. Helping with this project also gives them a sense of pride and satisfaction that is an important part of growing into confident young men.

Now we are at the "waiting for the plaster to dry" stage. I have fans set up to speed the process along.
Then they will sand the walls smooth. Hopefully, We will be painting tommorrow, Stay tuned.


Bobbie said...

Keith has a great crew of helpers! He'll have the project finished in no time!
Great photos of all the Men at work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, what a great crew of tough guys you have there, it is really important for the younger guys to feel they are important and are really helping do 'men' stuff. Great for their ego and good experience.

love mom

sharon said...

That is awesome. I love to see enthusiasm in kids. None of this, "Awe, I don't wanna." It's so great that they are willing to help, and willing to learn. Great to see, Susan. You and Keith do such a great job with your family. It's a breath of fresh air.

sharon said...

I didn't realize I used the word "great" three times in that comment. My vocabulary must be really great! LOL

Penny Halston said...

When your boys are done training over there, they can be MY professional crew over here. I could use some help painting.

Dick said...

That looks good and it is real great that they are getting a chance to experiment with teachers who can help them learn. So much of what they are learning to do will stand them in good stead all the rest of their lives.

Walker said...

These are skills that are a must when you own a home for many reasons.
You have your own construction crew now lol