Friday, July 11, 2008

The Drive

On Tuesday, Keith and I headed up to Oliver, where my parents live. We had a dinner with my parents and my sis Cathy and her family. Wednesday morning we got back in the car and drove home with Heidi and Troy in tow. We left early as Keith had to work at 430 in Vancouver.

I love the drive up to Oliver (AKA Outhouse Capital of Canada). The constantly changing scenery is incredible. From the west coast into the Cascade Mountains, where the steep winding roads are lined with lush evergreen forests that tower over the road. There is a lot of dead wood in some parts of the forest. The Japanese Pine Beetle has killed many trees in the area.

This photo was taken at Lightning Lake, and is such a quiet, peaceful place, the air there was so fresh, laced with the scent of pine.

As we descend the eastern slopes,Into Princeton, the terrain becomes more sparse and dry. The temperature climbs steadily hotter as we move inland. Leaving the rugged mountains, the land now becomes gently rolling hills.

This region is known as the Okanagen Valley, best known for fruit orchards, vineyards and wineries. The only areas that are green here, have been irrigated. The earth is rich in minerals and any crop here thrives.

As we headed home the sun was shining until we reached the western slope of the mountains. Just out side of Sunshine Valley, the clouds were thick and threatening rain. With the exception of a few drops, it stayed dry.

Once we passed Hope into the Fraser Valley, the clouds were breaking up and the sun was shining again when we reached Maple Ridge. This photo is the Trans Canada Highway looking West towards the Coastal Mountains, taken about 30 minutes before we got home.Heidi and Troy have been enjoying the company of Troys brother and sister and also their cousins Paul and Tasha have been spending alot of time with them. Heidi can beat all these boys in arm wrestling., She had good training from her Grandpa and her brothers. Just like in gym at school, the boys underestimate her strength.
I have a party to get ready for now. Ill take lots of photos tomorrow and will share them soon.

Have a great Weekend and Thank you for visiting here.


Anonymous said...

You always capture such lovely photos.
Unfortunately, those nasty pine beetles may be here to stay if we keep having warm winters due to global warming.


Dick said...

I really like that lake photo! You did a very good job with it.

Dina said...

The lake photo is fantastic, well done and thanks for sharing.

Walker said...

Great pictures and your description brought them to life.

Anonymous said...