Thursday, May 01, 2008

Princess for a Day

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for your wonderful thoughts and prayers, you dont know how much difference that makes! Kayla is resting comfortable. She is on alot of pain medication, so she is very drowsy. She likes listening to family softly speaking and reminiscing, and she occasionally nods or makes short comments. Her eyes are closed but she is aware of who is with her.
Kayla had a very full day today. This morning was her graduation. She wore a beautiful satin dress of royal blue, with a matching necklace and a dainty, silver tiara. She looked resplendent! Her boyfriend brought her a sweet wrist corsage made with daisies. Kaylas principal from school and a whole bunch of teachers and students were there from the school, also many nurses and other hospital staff. One nurse brought in her keyboard and another guy played guitar. Kayla was presented with her graduation diploma as she lay in bed surrounded by so many caring people. Her upcoming grad and prom was one milestone that she had been feeling very sad about missing. The folks who put this ceremony together are absolute angels. After everyone left. the family sat quietly keeping her company. She was very tired from all the excitement. As she lay in bed, unable to keep her eyes open, but semi conscious, beneath her oxygen mask, a small smile continued to linger on her lips for a long while. She truely looked content. It gave me great comfort to see that another one of her dreams came true, (the 1st being the tattoo) she looked so peaceful as she basked in the afterglow of this happy morning.
A short while later, Kayla was visited by a small troop of RCMP officers, who had been involved with her in the Cop For A Day Cancer Benefit. They brought her momentos of that special day and a soft RCMP teddy. She was worn out from all the excitement, but was content.
In the afternoon, every one went to eat, but I stayed behind and had some quiet one on one time with Kayla for a few hours. Several other people stopped by, but she was just too tired for any more visitors.
Several times, throughout the day, nurses offered to get her changed, but she softly refused. We just left the hospital at midnight, and she was still wearing that dress. She told her Daddy, that today, she really felt like a princess, and she cant believe how many people really care about her. Once again she said how she felt really honored to have had the cranes made for her.
Her dad and brother Troy are sitting with her tonight.
As I sit here at this late hour of the night, I can hear the birds singing ! I wonder if they are singing for Kayla?
Thank you for checking in.
Love Susan


Kathy said...

Sending prayers for all of you.

Hugs to Kayla.

Chas said...

I'm so glad that amidst all of her current struggles, she had a good graduation day full of attention and smiles.

Herman Verbrugge said...

What can I say without getting emotional... I'm glad Kayla had those wonderful moments.

Sandee said...

She is a true warrior princess :)
I pray for her daily

Bobbie said...

It's so wonderful that everyone pulled together to make Kayla's graduation day a special one for her. ~~hugs~~

Anonymous said...

Kayla deserves the world.

God bless her.

Penny Halston said...

My thoughts and prayers have been with Kayla even though my computer wouldn't let me post. Today's update was especialy bittersweet. God be with all of you. May Kayla feel His presence and know she is loved.

poet said...

checking in and sending prayers for Kayla, her family and you. take care. how wonderful that she has had this special ceremony. i hear the birds here, and i think they are singing for kayla.

leslie said...

I have been thinking about you all and am so sorry that it has come to this. But, so happy that she had a very special graduation ceremony. Be strong - as I sit here weeping for you all.

Deb said...

Hi Susan,

I can just picture Kayla in her beautiful dress. What an accomplishment, her own grad ceremony! I know everyone's hearts were full as they shared this special day with Kayla. Bless everyone who has made who feel loved and cherished during this difficult passage.

Anonymous said...