Saturday, May 31, 2008

Golden Ears DeMolay

The latest news on our kids` youth group activities.
Last weekend was the Chapters installation of Officers.
Here they are on the Hall Porch, getting psyched up for the big night.
This young guy seems to be reading his tea leaves! I wonder if they forecast a sucsessful evening. This is Chris the new Master Councilor and his Sweetheart Jolene. This is most of the gang, doing the official group shot after the installation. The older lady on the left is Aunty Grace. She is 90 but stays so young because of her involvement with the youth. They keep her busy. She has the distinguished title `Sweetheart for Life`The kids all love her dearly! There is Troy (Kayla`s brother ) beside and to the back of the girl in the long pink dress. Andrew in the back and Keith on the right. Keith is the Chapter Dad. Behind him is Dad Wright, another very involved parent volunteer.

Cutting the cake, with the help of a couple of very strange young men! The guys always wear their pink ties, which one of the moms makes. Hot Pink is the chapter colour.One of my jobs for the group, is to sew the Past Sweetheart's sash. This is Janelle, who has just finished a very successful term.They will wear these sashes for years to come any time they attend a Demolay formal function. So they will take a little piece of me with them whenever they wear them.This is my daughter, Heidi and her best friend, Stephanie, one of the past Sweethearts. She had an awesome term. They look so classy in this shot, I think. Chris had asked Heidi to be his Sweetheart, but she declined. Heidi shys away from the lime light. Here, Troy and Jeff, the imediate past Master Councellor, chill on the front porch.Jolene and her friend at the punch fountain.

Demolay and Jobs Daughters are great outlets for kids who love to doll up and dont mind being chaperoned. As a parent, I cant say enough good things about this organization.


Herman Verbrugge said...

Firstly, that was a nice chat we had via the webcam Susan. :-) How nice to meet someone in person over such a distance. To me it is still a miracle.
Secondly, the photos concerning the installation meeting are very special. What a nice young adults they are. They are the future of your country.

Bobbie said...

Nice photos, Susan! DeMolay is a good organization in helping teens become responsible, caring adults, and I'm sure they like getting all dressed up for these formal affairs.

Fred said...

It's great to see them so involved in a great organization and they really looked like they were having a good time.

Thanks for sharing the pictures...the story really came alive with them.

Walker said...

Great pictures
Looks like a good organization for the kids and parents to do something together and have fun.
I guess hot pink and black look good together.

Penny Halston said...

It's a shame that the youth that are getting into trouble and gangs couldn't be part of this kind of organization instead. What a great bunch of kids. It looks like a lot of fun to me.

Anonymous said...