Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stormy Weather.

I can't believe how cold it still is for this time of year. I am hearing similar tales from europe too. Is our climate becoming more extreme? We have had more snowfalls this winter than I can remember.
We just had a freak storm. wind and hail for about fifteen minutes. Everything is white, it looks like it snowed.
Actually now the hail has stopped it is snowing a bit. I am supposed to be heading up to my mum and dad's place on the weekend, I hope the roads will be ok to travel. Keith keeps giving me the low brow. He worries too much.
The Vancouver Canucks are hanging on to eighth place in the standings. If they drop any lower, they won't make the play offs. Five games to go. Last night they were leading until the second period when they allowed four goals in a space of five minutes! This is why you don't let men with important jobs go to work when their wives are ready to give birth any minute! Right Mr Luongo?
Roberto has an eminent birth on his mind, my patients are thinking otherwise. I went into one room last night an a lady was reading the obits and the funnies at the same time. She says it makes a good balance.
Today is my last shift for a bit, yay to five days off!!!!! I hope it is nice tommorrow, I seriously need to spend some time in the garden!
Congratulations are in order. Brian and Terri of Audience of One have tied the knot. I sort of had suspicions when he mentioned an upcoming trip to Vegas! If you get a chance, please go give him the old Blogger hand shake!


Penny Halston said...

Even though my part of Canada is always colder than yours, we have been experiencing below normal temps. also. We are all getting antsy for spring. I hope Kayla's doctors make wise decisions and that she will soon feel more comfortable.

Dorothée said...

Hi Susan,
Wow! It is raining "cats and dogs". The French familiar expression is" Il pleut comme vache qui pisse": It is raining like a peeing cow" :-)
Anyway, same here in Boston... Light now is expected during this night!!!!

Bobbie said...

That really was weird weather we had today. I wonder what tomorrow will

I hope Kayla is doing well after the surgery. Did you get my email?

Have a safe trip to visit your Mom and Dad.

Dina said...

This week in Malta we too had a freak storm with lots of wind and rain, which is not very normal for this time of year.

Brian said...

Thank you for your kind words Susan.

Kayla is definitely in our prayers.

Walker said...

The weather is insane but then we live in Canada you got to expect it.
They say we will break the record for snow here and the old record was 15 feet.

Anonymous said...