Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It is still quite cool here for the time of year. On friday morning, there was a fresh dusting of snow, low down on the hills. I left the house early and the door of my car was frozen shut. There was ice, not frost, but Ice on the windows of the car. Usually by this time of year we are feeling a bit warmer.
One of the wards that I work at is quite sparse. I am thinking of picking a couple of favorite scenes from my photos and getting them framed and donating them to the ward. Also I want to make up a nice flower arrangement. It will be worth it to make this place more homey. I am tired of waiting for the powers that be to find it in their budget. This is these old folks home and it should feel more homey than it does.
Kayla was to find out tommorrow if she needs more sugery to reduce the fluid from her lungs. If she needs it, he will be in hospital for at least two weeks! I am hoping she will not need it , of course. She should hear from her doctors tommorrow if there is anything the Docs here in Vancouver would be willing to try for her. I have a friend here who' s daughter had the same condition as Kayla and her treatments have slowed the growth of the lung mets considerably. Of course over the holiday weekend everything comes to a grinding halt.
We all went to Keiths Mum and Dads for Easter dinner on Sunday. It was a welcome treat for me as I spent all weekend chaperoning at a teen girls convention. Heidi;s girls group, Jobs Daughters. 200 teen aged girls is a lot of fun but also very tiring!
I worked the first of four afternoon shifts today and need to get to bed now. I have some folding to do in the morning!


Herman Verbrugge said...

On this continent it is also unusual cold and snowing. Today we had almost 900 km queue (file?) in this small country, caused by snow and car accidents.
If you need more help by your folding job, let me know.

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