Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleepless in Susan's House

I just deleted half an hours typing! What happened to the auto save feature!
Anyways, I was rambling on because I am unable to sleep. I am blaming the coffee I had with dinner. We ate ate 4:30 so I thought it was early enough not to bother my sleep, turns out I was wrong. I tossed and turned untill 3:21, then I gave up and came and sat out in the living room. It's just me and my laptop. Man, I love this thing. I thought it wolud be handy for travelling and day trips. I didnt realize how nice it is to sit in my recliner and fiddle away on this thing in comfort.
Keith got some money for his birthday so we went to the Keg. I dont eat much meat these days but a really good steak now and then appeals to me. It was medium rare and so tender it practically melted in my mouth. MMMM. I cant stand steak that you have to actually chew!
We had been out earlier to return our microwave. On Saturday, it blew up. It made a popping noise and started throwing out sparks and made that arcing electrical smell. Smoke was coming out of it. We unplugged it and there were scorch marks on the inside of the door. Sunday morning, keith hauled it out to the car and we went to return it. Then he hauled it across a busy parking lot and up and escelator and stood in line with it for half an hour at customer service of (IN) Future (DON'T) Shop (here)! We had only bought it in July, we had the reciept. They said it had to go for repair. We said we wanted to return it and get a new one. They said sorry thats the manufacturers warranty. We said we didnt want it fixing because we wouldnt be comfortable using a self destrucing microwave, it is a fire hazard not to mention a possible health hazard! We dont want our family to be burnt or radiated either thank you so much. They absolutely wouldnt budge. But kindly suggested we could buy another one off them if we prefered. Well! We told them we wouldnt be buying another thing from them if this was the service they give. So we turned to leave. The woman called out "Well you cant leave this here!" Keith was going to be damned if he would carry that thing back out to the parking lot just to take it to the dump! So he said "Thats ok, you can have it. And off we walked to her wails of "But sir, this is against store policy!" We went to Sears and got one there at a great price and we know they have great service there.
While we were at the mall I went and picked up a case for my laptop. There were some really nice leather ones for almost $2oo. Very nice but just slightly to high priced! I found a really nice one for just $32 dollars. Its nylon, but its sturdy and padded with a suspended compartment so it will be safe to drop it. and enough room for my camera stuff too. It has lots of pockets and compartments and has a nice broad shoulder strap too. Very cool! So now We had better go somewhere so I can try it out!
Earlier on Sunday morning, our oldest son wasn't feeling well. He probably had a touch of the same bug me and my brother and sister in law had on Christmas. Any way, the poor little (20year old) tyke ended up leaning over the side of the couch and vomiting on the carpet. Sorry, no sympathy from this mean ole mom. If a grown man cant realize he is about to spew his guts and at least run to the kitchen, where the floor is more easily cleaned then too bad. I know that sounds heartless, doesnt it. All I can say is "Thank God for scotch guard!" He is feeling much better now. And he is a vegitatian and didnt eat any of Fridays "Temperature Danger Zone stew!"
The clear skies that ushered in the night have vanished. I can tell by the pelting rain sounds on the roof. Ususally that will sort of lull me off to sleep, but not tonight.
Thank goodness I am not working until afternoon shift, hopefully after the kids get off to school I can sleep a bit more.
Keith picked up a new bird feeder for our back deck. Its a triple decker and it was only 12 bucks.The thing came in a box. When we opened it, it was in a million pieces. So after half an hour it was finally assembled and I filled it and hung it out. Then me and the cats sat watching the chickadees and junkos haveing their breakfast. The cats are inside babies so they will just have to keep dreaming. Our old cat goes out but she isnt a birder. For years we hadnt fed the birds because the cat we used to have was a real hunter, so now he is gone, we are enjoying the tweeies once again. Meanwhile, The kittens sit and twitch and make funny little quacking noises.!!!

I think I will attempt to get some sleep now. I still don't feel tired but I have to make an effort.
So good night folks. Or should I say Good Morning?


Walker said...

I have lost many a post but no more.
There is nothing like a good steak.
I think many people are eating less meat now a days.
But steak at the KEG you got to have once in awhile.

I know some people who are even older that are to dumb to get up and go to the washroom and spew.

leslie said...

Oh Susan! I've had many nights like that and ended up playing solitaire on the computer. It's so frustrating...and I never win in solitaire, either!

Canadian flake said...

I recently got a bird feeder and I am loving cat loves to watch them

Canadian flake said...

I recently got a bird feeder and I am loving cat loves to watch them

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Isn't the laptop great, I rarely use the desktop now. I hope keith didnt get that from Future Shop.
I won't shop there anymore.