Saturday, January 12, 2008

Melting Snow and Rotting Stew!

This photo is from a couple of years ago. It was taken after a March snowfall. The snow was melting and I captured this droplet on the petal of a forscythia blossom. The surface of the droplet is reflecting the world near about. How can something so tiny contain something so huge? One of lifes little miracles.
Keith and I are both off this weekend so we will get to enjoy some time together. Tommorrow night his mum and Dad are coming by for supper for a belated birthday dinner for Keith. It was supposed to be last week but Keith had a bad cough. Ill have to see if I can find a recipie at Joani Balonies site for them to try out.!
I worked evening shifts for the last three days. Today I made up a yummy stew and got it in the oven at 230, just before I left for work. I called at suppper time to see how it turned out. Every one seemed to enjoy it. When I got home at 1130, I went to warm up the last bit of it. Luckily before I ate it. Keith mentioned that he just put it in the fridge. THANKS ALOT. He thought it was ok to put into the fridge, a stew made with pork that they had all left out at room temerature for six hours! Gawd, I dont know how we havent all died before now! I was a little annoyed that I ended up chucking out a delicous bowl of stew because they were all too clueless to put the remains of it in the fridge after supper! Is it just me or what? There are two grown men in this house and the kids are all old enough to know better. Geeze. I told them thats the last time I bother leaving them something nice. From now on its beans on toast for the lot of them!


chosha said...

Cool photo. I had to smile at the rest of the post because I was just posting on some of the behaviour of the supposed adult living in my house at the moment. Can be a frustrating business.

Bobbie said...

Wonderful photo!

Enjoy your weekend off with Keith. Hope he is feeling better now.

kostas said...

Very good macro photograph.
The corner of reception, and the colours also.

Accept a recipe for the cough that we make we the apiarists in Greece.
In a small metal bowl, you put a small glass whisky, and you make hot, until it boils (ATTENTION no in flame, but in the eye of cooker).
Afterwards you throw in one spoonful honey, and boiling hot as it is in a glass small, you give dring, without sucks air, straight the liquid, with small sips.
In few hour the cough will be cut.

leslie said...

Susan, this photo is amazing! You should enter it in a photo contest! Seriously!!!

I know what you mean about leaving things out. *sigh* But now I'm on my own so it's my fault if it doesn't get put away. I'd leave them a can of beans and a loaf of bread the next time - with a big smiley face on an attached note. ;D

Penny Halston said...

That is an amazing photo. I agree, you should enter it in a contest. Sadly, around my house the same thing happens. Sometimes, I am the culprit. So busy, so little time. You wait for the food to cool enough to put in the fridge and before you know it, you're busy and/or forgotten. Gosh, I hate that.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

My goodness, you sound like someone else I know. Did you not know, everyone else have other things on their minds to worry about a pot of stew.
I have a peaceful week while mum is away in Phoenix.

Canadian flake said...

lol I would have been telling them that they all owe you a nice dinner

Very cool pic...thanks for sharing

Walker said...

Very Nice picture.
Hell I would have ate it and waited to see if i lived LOL