Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's been a busy week. I was scheduled to work six evening shifts (3-11). My last shift was on Saturday. I managed to switch with someone and did a day shift that day instead of the evenings so I could go to my Daughters Jobs Daughters Installation of Officers. By the end of six shifts and the last one on only five hours sleep, I was a bit of a zombie. I got home from work, took Heidi (on the left) for a haircut, picked up 900g of sliced turkey, pop, and cheese, dropped her off at the hall and went home to get showered. Then the rest of the family headed over to the hall for the 7pm event. The hall was packed.

Stephanie (on the right) is Heidi's best friend. Steph had been Honored Queen for the last term and this was her outgoing event as the next queen was sworn in. We are so proud of Steph and how much she has grown through this past few months. She has really developed into a strong, capable young lady.

Heidi , another Jobie named Janelle, and I had the honor of making Steph a scrapbook, It was so much fun to make.It is amazing how many activities these girls participated in over the past six months.
Looking through these pages reminds me of just how much these girls get out of this organization. I have posted just a few of the many pages we compiked. Click on any image to see it larger.


Dina said...

so what is exactly job's daughters? your daughter has really a lovely smile.

Canadian flake said...

wow the scrapbook is amazing...wtg. I am sure she will treasure it forever.

Michael Manning said...

You must be proud!

canuckabilly said...

I'd be proud too. Wonderful scrapbook.