Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sick Cat & Rude Woman

I just got back from the vets. One of my daughters kitties has developed an infection on her incision.

She was 'fixed' last week. Now she is broken!

The wound should be healed by now, but she was licking it and pulled the stitches.


So now she is on antibiotics and is wearing a cone. Yes my little kitty is a cone head. Anyways,,, when I went to leave the vets, I couldn't back up, because some one had parked behind me. I didn't have room to get out. The van had a handicap tag so I thought I could be patient and wait a few minutes. Although it wasn't a handicap parking spot. It was actually a No Parking spot! While I was sitting waiting for the owner of the vehicle, another car pulled up and parked behind that one, effectively blocking in the person parked on my right. I opened the door and asked if she would mind moving please as I was already boxed in and now the other car would be blocked in too. I couldn't believe it when she said "I'll only be a few minutes and there's nowhere else to park." and proceeded into the vets! Well, yes there was somewhere else to park, and she looked healthy enough to walk from the few spots over. Apparently it did not phase her that I was now having to wait for her! The was she said it and just dismissed me as though I was an idiot! GGRRRR. I am so damned nice. I wish I'd had the nerve to smack her up side the head like I felt like doing! or at least gutsy enogh to speak up to her. Sure enough, the owner of the vehicle on my right came out and couldn't get out of her parking space. We both looked at each other and shrugged. After a few minutes the driver of the handicap vehicle came out of the vets with an old German Sheppard. I think the handicap designation was more for the poor old dog, he looked elderly and very stiff. Finally they pulled away and I was able to leave.

I just cant understand why some people think they can just do whatever suits them, irregardless of it inconveniencing another . Total disregard for other people! I could have stood up to her and made a big scene, but she is probably the kind of person who would punch me if confronted! As we drove away, my daughter jokingly said "If we had a gun, we could shoot out all her tires!" I told my daughter, "its a good job I don't carry a gun, cos I may have shot more than her tires!"


Penny Halston said...

The audacity of some people is beyond comprehension. Your restraint and civility is probably in your best interests in the long run. Just remember, what goes around, comes around.

barkfoot said...

Don't let the cat lookup if it's raining, it could drown!

deni said...

One thing that really gets to me is people who park in handicapped spots who don't need them when there are people who DO need them, I think it is inconsiderate in the extreme.

I hope kitty will be better soon.

Canadian flake said...

wow how rude was that lady...really both of them are inconsiderate...I hate people like that for sure. Hope kitty feels better soon.

US CHL holder (currently carrying) said...

Since you live in Canada, do you even have the right to own a firearm, let alone carry one?

You sound like the type of person who could safely carry a firearm for personal protection since you did not provoke a confrontation and realized that the other person might escalate the situation should you do so.

That is the awareness and attitude necessary every time you make the decision to be responsible for your own safety (and your daughter's) by carrying a firearm.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the police are not responsible for protecting individuals. That comes as a shock to most people who don't know it.

Your safety is your responsibility.

Thirty years ago my wife was attacked leaving a restaurant at night. Her attacker drug her into an adjacent empty field. She was being assaulted when someone who happened to hear her scream and who happened to have a conscience body tackled her attacker. The attacker got away. Had this good Samaritan not been within earshot, my wife might be dead or worse…and I said that in the order I meant. As a Christian, I believe there are many worse things than death.

She now has her own pistol and will not hesitate to stop any cretin who feels they want to do her or her loved ones harm.

Hope your kitty is well now, and that your civility is still as strong as it was that day.

Anonymous said...