Thursday, October 04, 2007


When I tell him don't stay out too late and beware of strangers... he says... "MOM, We are the guys that other people are afraid to pass on the sidewalk." My son and his crew are certainly a motley bunch. Most of them probably can't remember the last time a pair of scissors graced their locks. David likes to remind us how much money he has saved us by not cutting his hair.

It is a sad fact though that people still judge us on our appearance. Though he wouldn't pick a fight or purposely intimidate people, they still often cross the street when they see him coming towards them. Six foot five , long hair and a purposeful, confident stride makes the young girls googly eyed, and the old folks terrified! That is until they actually meet him and see that he is a decent kid. Man actually. But he will always be Our Kid! The same one who cried when he lost his yellow bunny called Fluffy, the one who could snuggle his teddy bear hamster against his cheek, the one who would get me to read Hamilton the Duck over and over again.

I took this photo of the boys this summer prior to one of their hikes, that's my son in the center in the cut off jeans. They struck up this pose, then I said "Hey, you are blocking out the little guy in the back, perched on a boulder.

So they all in unison turned and went "Taa-Daa!"

Great minds think alike.

They are a scary sight, but they are harmless, basically good kids, always looking for fun. Their idea of a cool time is jamming in one of their garage bands, dreaming of the days when they make it big time! If David spent as much time studying and doing homework as he does on his drums, he could be a star student!

Take heed all you mothers of young lads... one day this could be your domain! I never would have believed it ten years ago if you would have told me my son would be a long haired drummer! But funnily enough It doesn't bother me at all. This is who he is. He sure has a style of his own.
That said, If he doesn't keep up his marks, his drums will be silenced!


daysgoby said...

Mine is six today - funny how fast the time goes, doesn't it?
The days of hair and drums are fast approaching!

Herman Verbrugge said...

David is absolutely right. He is saving a lot of money by not cutting his hair. This afternoon I went to the hairdresser, he cut my hair and I allowed him to keep it. but I must also pay him €20.00 and that's every 6 weeks. How much is that in one year.... eh... that's almost €128.00!

BTW I wouldn't be afraid of these guys... :-)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to one who loved to have long hair and later a long beard to go with it---when I started to date him and brought a picture home I remember hearing if you ever think about bringing that one hone you might better have him clean up.

Not sure about the cleaning up part because a person is who they are I brought him home and some where along the line I think they agreed because no one tried to talk me out of marrying and the rest as they say is history---oh his grandmother did ask me to have him clean his face for the wedding--I told her I really wanted a wedding so I thought I would leave that one alone.

He is like you describe David---very kind--gentle and loving---would never hurt anoyone intentionally.

Penny Halston said...

You and I are in the same place. My son doesn't wear his hair long anymore, but he used to. He has two bands. The drummer in one of them has hair down his back. These guys, yours and mine, are not the scary types. They're far too friendly faced. (When I first dated my husband, his hair was longer than mine.)

Canadian flake said...

lol I don't think they look scary at all...before I saw the pic, I thought maybe they would all have spiked hair with tattoos and earrings in their noses...see?? it could be worse..lmaooooo.

Sienna said...

Very good looking bunch!

Individuals so full of life and smiles and fun, they look such great kids, interesting young people; all with a story to tell.

Drums are just the best...really admire anyone that can *thump* I can play piano, a little guitar but am hopeless at drums.

Sorry to hear that you have had the flu, hope you are ok now...we have had it visit us! and Kayla is always in our prayers such a beautiful smile and face and spirit dealing with the stuff no person should have to deal with...and that is seriously great hair that she has.


Dr.John said...

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Michael Manning said...

I can see you disassembling his drum kit right now! :D Garage bands were SO fun!!!

Kyleen said...

My son and yours sound a lot alike though mine is sporting much shorter hair these days - just never know what color it might be next week! My son has also tried the "I'm saving you money" line. My son is very intelligent and conscientious - just breaks my heart when I know people judge him based on his looks and not his character. He doesn't seem to mind though and always reminds me as long as he is a good person, it doesn't matter what people think. I wish I thought more like him!

Dick said...

I think every generation of youth has to do something that their parents think is odd. Maybe it is a natural rite of growing up. Of course they don't want to be just like Mom & Dad! Annie always used to say about hair styles, "Whatever they do to it, it isn't illegal, it isn't immoral and it will grow back." And that is true.

Josie said...

Aw, what a nice looking bunch of kids. I wouldn't cross over to the other side of the street if I saw them. They actually look like the type of kids I would want to be around.

Time flies, doesn't it?

Walker said...

Hell they still cross the street when they see me coming and I got short hair now LOL.

I think TV has made the impression that young people or most people with long hair are dangerous but if we look back into history at people like Dalmer, Bundy and the likes of Gacy you would see evil in short hair.
Bikers have contributed to the myth that "long hair freaks" I think the saying was were dangerous.

They do look like a bunch of fun kids capable of rendering you helpless with laughter and kindness

Anonymous said...