Monday, August 20, 2007

Boats and Birds

On my day off, Keith and I piled in the car and headed off for a drive. He was actually working, but it was a slow day so he could get away for a while as long as he had his phone on for calls. And he did get a couple of calls, but I just occupied myself with taking pictures while he talked. He has a really great job. I don't mind him taking calls, at least we have more times like this to get away than when he was chained to a worksite.
We wound up going out to Harrison Lake. It's about an hours drive east of Maple Ridge.
We were starving when we got there so went for lunch right away. For the first time in ages, I had fish and chips. They do it really nice at the Lakeside Restraunt . Its an old, basic, run of the mill diner. Nothing fancy, but really good food, ordinary food, and looks right out on the water. I would rather eat well made ordinary food, than pay a fortune for what is supposed to be high end food that isnt! Last time we were there we wnt into a nice place with a nice patio. The food was no better than what my kids could make. After lunch we walked along the street and visited my favorite knick knack shop where I was separated from a few bucks, but got a few birthday gifts.
We then walked down to the marina. Keith has had a notion for some time that he would like a speed boat. The man can dream. So he was looking at some of the boats moored there. There was one there that was affordable... We would just have to sell our house in order to pay for it!! But like I say, dreams cost nothing. On the other side of the dock were the rentals. Ski Doos, Canoes, and bumper boats. He already has a canoe which He hardly ever uses. Now the bumber boats look like fun and even have water guns mounted on the front. One of those little beauties would be more in line with our budget and could even be used in our pool! How versatile. But he wouldn't be convinced, and declined to let me put one on lay-away for his Christmas pressy.
Also on the dock was an information shack. I noticed a swallow kept coming and going from the eves. On closer inspection, I noticed a nest with three baby birds inside! Every time the adult would come with a bug to feed them, they would all open their big beaks which were bright yellow inside. I hope they survive. It is really late in the season for tiny babies. The nights are getting cool already and there is a sharp wind comes down the lake in the afternoon. I could have reached up and picked them up, they were that close. I hope nobody touches them. It saddens me though, that more than likely, some one will.
I feel so tired right now, four more shifts and then I am off for almost two weeks vacation. I can't wait.


Penny Halston said...

Dreaming is almost as much fun as doing. I loved the description of your day that you wrote for Ellen; it's just the kind of thing she would love. I'm curious what line of work you're in. Somewhere I got the idea that you were a teacher, but I guess I'm wrong. If you're not a professional photographer, you certainly could be. Hope those little baby birds keep safe.

Vickie said...

Sounds like this was a great day and the fact that Keith was working did not put a damper on your day.

I am so ready for the temperature to change here just maybe it will not be too long.

Take care and have a good week.

Josie said...

Susan, I absolutely love Harrison Lake. It is one of my favorite places IN THE WORLD. You lucky duck for going there. Thanks for sharing it with us and the great pictures.

(Hubby has cute legs...)

My heart is breaking for Curtis and Ellen. I don't know them, but I have been following their posts, and I can't believe how sad it is. Isn't the Internet the most amazing community of caring people? It just amazes me.


Herman Verbrugge said...

I Also have this dream of owning my own boat! It's still a dream and I accepted that it will allways be. There is one thing for sure no one can take that dream from me :-)
My guess is that you are working in a hospital, don't no what kind of work. Wha isit?
The photo of the nest is great and I also hope the young ones will survive. Nature is hard sometimes even for us.
Three more shifts now or two?... And has Keith really cute legs? I can't say that :-))

sharon said...

Sounds like a great day! Doesn't it just suck, though, that the days are getting shorter already and the air has a cool bite to it? Did I sleep through summer?

Canadian flake said...

I have 2 more shifts then I am off for 10 days...I can't waittttttt...wooooohooooo. Hope you have good holidays too.

Anonymous said...