Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holding Hands

I am thinking of Ellen today as she prepares to depart from this world.
Curtis has updated us on her condition and is sitting by her side, holding her hand.
This simple expression of love is one of the first signs of affection we share with each other. As children we hold our parents hands. As new love buds in any romance, holding hands is the first intimate act we share. Yet, this simple, loving gesture is often the last offering of love to be given. And so as Ellen fades from this life to the next, her little hand is held in Curtis' big paws. Their love expressed in the frequent squeezing of clasped hands, which will likely be the last gift they give to each other.
Words can not do justice to the depth of care I feel for both these amazing people. Prayers for peace and reassurance continue.


Josie said...

Susan, I was not able to click on the link to Curtis's blog, so please keep us updated. My heart goes out to them. I wish them God speed.


Penny Halston said...

My heart is very heavy for Curtis and Ellen. It also brings back very recent memories of my dad's passing. I can clearly remember the gentle touch, the tears, the hugs, and the reassurances of love and memories that will never fade. I know this is hard for Curtis but I fear the lonely days to come will be even harder.

Penny Halston said...

Re: a comment on yesterday's entry, I should have known that you are in the medical profession. Your caring comes through in your writing. I still think you could be a professional photographer, as proven by the people wanting to buy your work.

sharon said...

It's tough to read posts about my beautiful aunt and uncle without the water works starting. It's so true what you said about the holding of hands. I'm sure in your job you see a lot of hand holding. It worries me, who will be holding Curtis' hand when Ellen passes.

Vickie said...

There are so many heavy hearts and so many are intertwined as they all wind their way to thoughts of Ellen and Curtis.
This brings back my feelings of Momma B's passing. The thing that most helped me was when her physician said to me---She is in a better place now and we are better for having had her in our life---We need to thank God for giving her to us for the time we have had her in our life.
For some reason this was the one thing that I held close and still do each day as I try to adjust to life without Momma B. I guess it might be because her physician shared her thoughts with me and she is one of very strong faith. We had no time to prepare for Momma B's passing as it was sudden but is there ever enough time---I think not.
Ellen and Curtis are special to many, I hope they feel the love that all have for them.
Thank you for sharing your special thoughts here my friend.

Dina said...

I feel so much for Ellen and Curtis. This is a path that I have been through with my mother and I simply cannot express the sadness . God bless both of them.

Canadian flake said...

I have been stopping in daily to Curtis' blog for news. I have left a few comments of encouragement. They are both in my thoughts and prayers.