Sunday, July 22, 2007


Down it comes. Falling from the sky.
Summer wet and damp. Folks ask WHY? 'Tis not condusive to a day at the beach. Picnics and swimming, out of reach.
The rain, my garden welcomes by.
Who's soil not long ago, was dry.
Green and lush the foilage grows.
Were not for rain, mere dust would blow.
The heat, unbearable just a week ago,
Now gone and folks spout weather woes!
How quickly the sunshine we forget,
When open clouds cause us to be wet!

At night, its rhythm comforts me,
Pitter patter and pouring beat.
Whilst listening to this wet lullaby,
Drifting off to sleep, in a bed thats dry.


Canadian flake said...

beautiful post...I always say it is the joys of Canadian weather...ya don't like it just wait 5 minutes and it'll change...lmao.

Vickie said...

Beautiful post---now if you will just send the rain my way, please.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I didnt know you wrote poetry, are you having lots of rain, it rained here last thursday but dry again now.

Bobbie said...

A nice poem and photo.

But it still doesn't make me like all the

Josie said...

Susan, I just read your post about Carol. Okay, will someone please pass me a Kleenex? What a beautiful tribute to such a courageous woman...! It's wonderful. And I'm so happy she's doing well now. I like to hear things like that.

Now, if you would just do something about this rain. There are mushrooms growing on the mushrooms.


Walker said...

Beautiful Post.

Weather, what we hate and love or maybe just love to hate that we have here in Canada.

Michael Manning said...

I love the simplicity and clarity of this post!

leslie said...

well put...but we're into the sunshine again now. hopefully it'll last until fall.

Anonymous said...