Monday, July 30, 2007


On Friday, We went into Vancouver for the day. We went for lunch at a cute little Mexican restaurant called Margaritas. Where they have really good Margaritas! What a coincidence! We shared a wonderful salad and finger food platter. We shared one of the yummiest strawberry margaritas for dessert! At eight dollars a pop, one between us was sufficient! It was big though!
After lunch, went to the beach at Spanish Banks for a couple of hours. I, with my novel and Keith with the paper and sudoku puzzles. We had just set up our blanket under a shady tree when the Coast Guard hovercraft pulled up on the beach, by the life guard station. They seemed to transfer someone onto a waiting ambulance. Then the hovercraft sped right through the swimming area! People got out of its way quickly. Glad I wasn't in the water! This photo doesn't really show the size of the thing. If you check out the size of the life guard in his row boat, he seems dwarfed by it even as it is off in the distance. And... why don't these life guards wear life jackets? Given that they stay close to shore.... but still!
We left the beach after a while and went to Vanier Park for our second installment of Bard on the Beach. It is staged under enormous tents. The back of the tent is open, so the backdrop of the stage is the water and evening sky as the sun sets. It is magnificent and compliments the whole atmosphere of the show. We saw Romeo and Juliet. It was very well done and we really enjoyed it. It is the first of Shakespeare's tragedies that I have seen performed there. All the other shows have been comedies. I have to say, I do prefer the comedies. Its just that this group of players do comedy so well.
The festival tents are located right behind the Planetarium. This is another fantastic original building. Designed to look like a giant flying saucer and houses a wonderful 360' cinema. Usually used for 'spacey' documentaries. For years it ran a Pink Floyd light show which was really popular. Over the last thirty years or so, most of the local school kids have attended a Planetarium exhibit as part of a school field trip.
On our way home, I got Keith to pull over so I could shoot these lights. I love how they curve around the bend. He is so patient with me. I get him detouring all over the place for me to photograph this and that! He waits for me as I dawdle along snapping away. He says he loves to watch me taking photos as he loves the passion I show when I am busy with the camera. I think he just likes to watch my butt as I bend over to get that great angle!!!!!


Vickie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on Friday---I love the picture of lights--unique and one that holds my intrigue.

Take care enjoy life.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Good story. written by a nice lady. It's so entertaining to read your stories supported by such beautiful photos.

Canadian flake said...

Beautiful pics ...thanks for sharing. I always enjoy them so much.

Penny Halston said...

We have a lot in common. I love margueritas, and my husband is terribly patient when I want to do look at stuff. He always walks behind me, so maybe there is something to the butt watching theory. LOL

Cowboy Joe said...

We did the Vancouver thing two weekends ago staying the night at an apartment through the Foster parents assoc. It was a lot of fun. And a couple weeks before that, we took the kids to the Planterium, and we also had lunch at that mexican restaurant. We loved it too, though sadly we didn't try the margaritas.